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The Dynamics Of The US-China Battle Over Indian Ocean

The most virtuous nation in the world is to bring a second resolution against Sri Lanka for human rights violations at the Geneva sessions in March 2013. Sri Lanka however is yet to learn lessons from the principle of “once bitten twice shy” and so our external affairs ministry is shamelessly lobbying once more for India’s support. India is caught in a catch 22 situation brought about by its own machinations.


SLAAS: Stoking fires of separatism

A few months ago, the Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA) with its total membership of approximately 50,000 professionals issued a unanimous statement rejecting the 13th Amendment (the 13th A). The 13th A, we should recall was imposed on Sri Lanka by Indian gunboats and the threat of an invasion.


Sri Lanka removed from UN “child and armed conflict” list

Unless it’s a mistake or purposely done the UN removal of Sri Lanka from its List of Shame for child conscription does not clearly distinguish the fact that it was the LTTE that conscripted children to its terror outfit and not Sri Lanka’s army.


Puppet or legislator?

Ms Siobhain McDonagh
Member for Mitcham and Morden
House of Commons

Dear Ms McDonagh

Your expression of sympathy, in your letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, with the thousands of your Tamil constituents who have been indirectly affected by the “atrocities” committed by the Sri Lankan military in the closing stages of the war against the most vicious terrorist outfit in 2009 raises some pertinent questions (The Island, Sri Lanka, 7 Jan 2013).