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Transforming South Asia: A Key To The Future – OpEd

By Dr. SinhaRaja Tammita-Delgoda   Commonalities are what we have in common. In most parts of South Asia the inheritance is common, shared origins, shared languages, shared religions and shared cultures. Yet in each case this common inheritance has diverged and taken its own unique path. This divergence has occurred...


The ONLY way out

By H.L.D Mahindapala Leaving aside the legalities, politicalities, Constitutionalities and the complexities of the current imbroglio in which the nation is grounded (temporarily), the underlying issues in the Constitutional crisis can be reduced to one single question: At a time when all three branches of the state are trapped in...


Yahapalana as a puppet regime

By Kamalika Pieris   The Yahapalana government elected in 2015 is Sri Lanka’s very first puppet government. Analysts were quick to spot this. Lasanda Kurukulasuriya asked in 2015 ‘is Lanka being micro managed from afar.  In 2016, the media said, ‘Yahapalana is acting on a preplanned scenario.’  ‘Government is following...