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Open season once again for vandalizing historic Gokanna

The historic Gokannapura is once again being vandalized by a gang of religious fundamentalists. Tribalism reigns, clearly. Religious extremism, which we have been taught to abhor and condemns, has raised its ugly head once again in what is today called Trincomalee. The law, apparently, does not have any currency in this area. It remains retired in the matter of application.


The area around the Koneswaram Kovil is an archaeological site coming under the relevant statutes pertaining to construction. The archaeological record indicates that the historic Gokanna temple stood where the Kovil now stands. There’s heritage here that goes back to more than 18 centuries. This is why this is an area that comes under the jurisdiction of the Department of Archaeology.


Tamil Theology Upgraded Prabhakaran & Downgraded Jesus

At the height of the 33-year-old war – i.e., from the Vadukoddai declaration of war on May 14, 1976 to Nandikadal on May 18, 2009 — two Tamil clerics decided to give a face-lift to Tamil politics by dressing it up in new clothes of Christian theology. Under the cover of waging “a war of liberation” even the so-called moderates had accepted “Tamil fascism” (Dr. Rajan Hoole) as a necessary means to achieve their political end. Any one who questioned “Tamil fascism” was condemned and, wherever possible, eliminated as a traitor. The Tamil terror unleashed by Velupillai Prabhakaran to maintain his supremacy as “the sole representative of the Tamils” tolerated no dissent. Any threat to his reign of terror was snuffed out swiftly. The New York Timeslabelled Prabhakaran as “the latest Pol Pot of Asia”. The University Teachers for Human Rights, Jaffna, the only courageous voice of the dissenting Tamil intellectuals, was documenting in detail the horrors coming out of the womb of Jaffna. Eventually, the LTTE headed by Velupillai Prabhakaran was banned as a terrorist organisation by the international community.


Global Sri Lankans Written to Ex-Servicemen

Considering current situation in Sri Lanka under which number of LTTE Tamil terrorists had  been released from the prisons and ban on Tamil terrorist organizations had been lifted and number of security forces members taking in to custody Global Sri Lankan Forum has written  to ex-servicemen.


US Envoy Shannon militarily ropes Sri Lanka to spite China

Following his official meeting with Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera in Colombo 14 December, the U.S. Department of State Counselor (and onetime -2009/10 – counselor in Obama White House) who, early next year will assume the fourth-ranking position of Under Secretary (Political), Thomas Shannon addressing the media declared the following.

“Sri Lanka’s contributions to the development of a regional consciousness – one that promotes the values of democratic governance and respect for human rights, freedom of navigation, sustainable development, and environmental stewardship are noteworthy”.