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We have among ourselves many political commentators who once upon a time advocated appeasement of Pirapakaran via his ISGA and PTOMS proposals. Some of those characters have surfaced again in the media full of paeans of praise for former Justice Wigneswaran now in new avatar as TNA politician.


Weliweriya Water Protests: Answering more important questions

It has become a habit to politicize selective events but ignore the core issue. Before everyone is conveniently taken off track by politicized versions what needs to be reiterated is that the key issue was WATER, the people went on to the streets because of WATER and what resulted was because of WATER… or was it?


Inside Story: Paid journalists prostituting before the West

 International Alert, Kumar Rupesinghe, Frederica Jansz and Sierre Leone blood money

by Pearl Thevnayagam
( The views expressed in this article are author own)

(July 31, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Kumar Rupesinghe (KR) is the doyen of NGO beneficiaries and he knows how to make war time into profit for peace and conflict resolution and in the process make himself quite rich.


Sri Lanka Spreads Its Wings To South Pacific

Sri Lanka is building its footprint in the region years after having had a growing presence in several countries through its highly sought after skilled work force.For several years now, Sri Lankans have been working in key positions in several Pacific Island countries in a range of private industries and government organisations such as aviation, distribution and logistics, banking and finance and the judiciary.