Sri Lankan government addressing all concerns raised by the international community – junior minister

The Sri Lankan government says that all the concerns raised by the international community have been and are being addressed.
Deputy External Affairs Minister Neomal Perera said the government was doing its best in addressing all concerns.
“Although there are allegations, we cannot penalize anyone without proper information.

We are in the process of looking into this area, and once the necessary information is received the Attorney General will initiate the legal process,” he assured.
Referring to the country’s foreign policy, Perera said the policy is effective but pointed out that when the Sri Lankan government is engaging with the government of another country that has an LTTE diaspora working against the Sri Lankan government, then it is important to deal with the people of that country in an effective manner.
“We have to engage with the citizens and civil society of the country,” Perera said.
According to him, foreign policy alone is insufficient if the mindset of the people of another country doesn’t change.
“We are doing our best with the available resources. We have invited members of Parliament of other countries to visit Sri Lanka and most of them are now aware of the fabricated stories by the LTTE and its sympathizers,” the junior minister added.

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