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Dhanapala’s skit of “Macaulay’s Children” – submissive and amateurish

In India, patriots refer to those who mimic the coloniser’s culture and doctrines as “Macaulay’s Children”. The description attributes the genesis of the particular mental condition to the education system installed by the colonial administrator Thomas Babington Macaulay, best known for his infamous Minute on Indian Education of 1835 which expressed the need to create a coterie of anglicised Indians.


Questions for UNHRC Head Navi Pillay to answer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka welcomes Ms. Pillay. After 30 years of terror Sri Lanka breathes freedom minus terrorist attacks and suicide missions. Civil crimes that take place everywhere round the world cannot compare to the fear 20million suffered during 3 decades of terror.


If Tamils can live in the South, why can’t Sinhalese live in the North?

The very organizations and individuals ever ready to pull out the red card of international human rights and laws have been chanting the chorus of a “Sinhalization” of “historical Tamil areas” totally ignoring that it is the right of any citizen to live within the territory of the State in addition to the inability to even prove of anything called a “historical homeland”.


40,000 killed in last phase of war? Gota challenges UN to produce evidence

Issues to be raised with Navi Pillay

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday challenged the UN to furnish evidence relating to the main war crimes allegation that 40,000 persons allegedly disappeared during the final phase of the war in early 2009. He emphasized that none of those propagating war crimes allegations, including the UN, had so far revealed the basis of their accusations.