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CardinalMalcolm Ranjith – the benign star of Sri Lanka

By H.L. D. Mahindapala In its long history the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka has come under massive attacks by other religionists on three critical occasions. The first attack was the most horrendous. Sankilli, the illegitimate son of King Pararajasegaram and one of the most cruel rulers of Jaffna, marched...


President reviews US-Lanka defence agreements

Agreement signed in 2007 had only 7pages,the present one has 83 pages with 50 annexures   By Sunday Times Political Editor View(s):  Calls the Sunday Times Political Editor and former Defence Secretary to clarify matters amidst protests by even religious leaders PSC hearings and live telecast stir row; Sirisena calls Ranil,...


The long history of Tamil hate culture persecuting Muslims

By H.L.D. Mahindapala The first ever persecution of Muslims in Sri Lanka occurred way back in history. It took place in Jaffna, the birth place of hate politics against the other”, which included even the Tamils of the low-castes. Details of Tamil hate politics need a whole book.  This essay...