Nadarajah Kuruparan vs Minister of Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

22 July 2012

Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C.,  M.P.

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Canada

House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Minister Jason Kenney:

I had the opportunity to read the judgement by The Honourable Mr. Justice John O’Keefe of the Federal Court a few days ago between

Nadarajah Kuruparan, Bhamini Kuruparan, Maiyuran Kuruparan, Kirushanty Kuruparan (applicants) and yourself  THE MINISTER OF CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION  (respondent).

These four applicants, all Tamils from Sri Lanka, whose father  Nadarajah Kuruparan was a Commodore in the Sri Lankan Navy and the third highest ranking  Naval Officer to the Rear Admiral to the entire Sri Lankan Navy had come to Canada via the US on August 4, 2009, when they claimed Convention Refugee status.  That was almost three months after the 27-year long bloody Tamil Tiger terrorist war ended on 19 May 2009.

MY OBSERVATIONS ON THE JUDGEMENT which I totally agreed are these and you should follow my thread as they embellishes the fact that 90 percent of Tamil Convention refugee claimants are frauds who came in search of greener pastures where they believed that trees grew with green 20 dollar bills and the Canadian roads were paved with gold.

Nadarajah Kuruparan we are told through the Federal Court was one of the five high ranking Tamil officers in the Sri Lankan Navy.  He obviously and very likely enjoyed the Sri Lankan Government’s Navy perks like driven by a lower ranking sailor in whites in an official Navy car, and  enjoying a  glass of Chives Regal in the staff lounge, used the Mess/Club and Sports facilities, furnished superior government accommodation, leave encashments, et cetera.

Minister, and who said that Tamils are being persecuted and discriminated in Sri Lanka?  Did I hear that Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan told the Canadian parliamentarians that sob story. Minister she is not being honest, is she now?  Nor are the spokespersons for the Canadian Tamil Congress and other Tamil separatist activist groups in Canada who want their separate mono-ethnic, racist Tamil state, Eelam carved out of Sri Lanka.  You are within your rights to ask these activists – “Can the liars who say that the Tamils in Sri Lanka are being discriminated and persecuted please stand up!”

Kuruparan was one of the five top Tamils in Sri Lanka’s Navy, we are told.  Shish! Lucky Tamil man.  He should be counting his lucky stars as I am sure there are hundreds of Sinhalese, Muslims and Burghers who would want to move heaven and earth to have his position in the Sri Lankan Navy.  And this guy was claiming to be a Convention refugee.  That is a bucket full of salty Tamil kanjee, Minister.

Kuruparan had joined the Sri Lankan Navy in 1981 as a service cadet and became an acting sub-lieutenant in 1985.   The Tamil terrorist war for the want of their Tamil state Eelam, started with Kalashnikovs, bullets and Johnny mines in early 1980s in a big way and lasted until 19 March 2009, the day when the Tamil Tigers the most ruthless terrorists in the world  were eliminated militarily.  From 1981 until 2009, Kuruparan got his promotions and became a Commodore, a top ranking officer in the Sri Lankan Navy when he could have got out during that period if he was subjected to discrimination and persecution, but he didn’t. Of course, he wouldn’t, Minister, Why should he, when he was enjoying receiving a handsome monthly pay cheque that would amount to a wallet bulging with 100 rupee bills; being a member of the 12.6% Tamil population then (now 3.9%) and having the Navy’s every Sinhalese person below his rank from the 74% majority population, stand at attention when he passes by and throw their right hands up to touch their foreheads in a salute.  That is indeed a reality check why he didn’t want to get on a plane like the rest of the Tamils and claim Convention Refugee status in Canada before he retired.

I am absolutely glad that the Refugee Board of the Refugee Protection Division determined that he was neither a Convention Refugee within the meaning of section 96 of the Act nor a person in need of protection as defined in sub-section 97(1) of the Act.

Minister, and there shatters the myth that is spun in parliament by the Tamil MP, Rathika Sitsabaesan, and the spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress, David Poopalapillai who spin their yarns and fairly tales, O my goodness, that the Tamils are being discriminated and persecuted.  Phew! Minister, that is a lot of hog’s wash.  I believe you knew this all along but this case has proved positive that all the Tamil spin has been to get the members of their Tamil clan into Canada, fraudulently as refugees. Recently in rusty fishing trawlers.

“fraudulently as refugees”, I said.  And here are two reasons why I said so:

Reason 1:  During the height of the 20,000 Tamils demonstrating on parliament hill and along Wellington Street during April and May 2009 wanting you all to stop the Sri Lankan army cornering the Tamil Tigers on a sliver of beach in the east coast on the verge of whipping their butts to militarily eliminate them, when a senior CTV reporter questioned a well spoken young Tamil woman who said that she was an undergraduate at York University, and she spun her sob story merrily.  She said (I am paraphrasing now) “You don’t know when we land on the tarmac at Colombo International airport we are shot dead by the army.”  Wow!  Most of the Canadians were gullible and bought that sob story and supported their separatist cause.  But I was disappointed as I would have expected the senior TV reporter with a come back tell her, “You surprise me.  It does seem that you Tamils have a death wish, when knowing that Tamils are  shot dead on the tarmac, you Tamil people in Canada still keep flying into Colombo in plane loads.  How come?  I don’t believe you as these killings have not been reported in the news media nor by Human Rights NGO’s like Amnesty International”.  This reporter failed us miserably and that Tamil Fairy Tale was given a reprieve to live another day, to mutate more Tamil yarns and ugly spins.

Reason 2: As far back as April 29, 1996, Maclean’s Senior Editor Paul Kaihla said that “more than 8,600 Sri Lankans with refugee claims pending in Canada applied for travel documents to visit Sri Lanka in 1992. The following year, the figure was 5,865.  If those refugee claimants feared persecution in their homeland, why were they so eager to return?  An intelligent, commonsense logic, isn’t it Minister?  Didn’t we Canadians fall hook, line and sinker to these fraudulent sob stories?

I suppose Justice O’Keefe did see through this fraudulent maze concocted by Nadarajah Kuruparan to come up with the appropriate judgement.

Minister, I had some difficulty with another comment in the text of the judgement.  The statement was, “…the Sri Lankan Navy, an organization found to have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes within the scope of article 1F(a) of United Nations Conventions relating to the Status of Refugees, July 28, 1951 (1969) Can TS No.6 (the UN Convention).”

Minister, isn’t the Convention of 1951, which was adapted  six years after World War II, and almost 40 years (1990) prior to the 100,000 Muslims in Sri Lanka  who were made refugees by the Tamil Tigers when they gave them 24 hours to leave their homes  and towns and  their  valuable  items of gold at the nearest mosque a bit out of wack?  Isn’t this Convention being a bit cockeyed not realizing what was in store in 40 years time when the Tamil Tigers, the world’s most ruthless terrorist group rendered over 100 thousand civilians Sinhalese and Muslims to become refugees in their own country  by subjecting them to the Tamil Tiger  repertoire of methods of killing innocent civilians almost daily.  These Tamil Tigers had a Naval Branch, the first terrorist group to ever have one called the Sea Tigers who brought in ship loads of sophisticated weapons to kill the innocent civilians.  And the Sri Lankan Navy had no choice, UN Conventions or otherwise but to stop the Tamil Tigers stockpiling such war weapons to give back the ‘right-to-life’, the paramount tenet of Human Rights, to 21 million Sri Lankans which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers before they would get snuffed out by these Tamil terrorists.   If the Tamil Tigers got killed in this process, so be it.  That should not be construed as a war crime committed by the Sri Lankan Navy.   Such is a cockeyed nature of the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees.

I don’t buy such humanitarian acts by the Sri Lankan Navy to be “…an organization who committed crimes against humanity.”  That is a crock full of cod’s wallop, Minister.

Was this misplaced accusation because during the first week in October 1999, after a hectic fighting at sea, gunboats of the Sri Lankan navy struck fast and furious all around the northeast coast, destroying at least seven Tamil Sea Tiger boats killing more than 50 Tiger cadres.  That was no crime committed against humanity by the Sri Lankan Navy, the organization that Nadarajah Kuruparan was part of and the third in command and should be proud of, and there was no reason for him to run away from Sri Lanka that he served well as a Navy Commodore asking for asylum in Canada.

Was this a misplaced accusation of “…an organization who committed crime against humanity” for saving the lives of thousands of innocent civilians who would have been shot or bombed to death,  because the Sri Lankan Navy didn’t miss a beat in September 1997 in its remarkable run of successes against the Tamil Sea Tigers sinking eight boats and badly damaging four more within two days and killing at least 40 Tamil Tiger cadre, who otherwise would have killed thousands of unarmed civilians with guns and bullets and claymore mines that they sneaked into Sri Lanka along the East coast.

I am sorry I don’t accept such misplaced comments in the text of the judgement.

You know Minister Kenney, there is a failed responsibility by the UN who flays a cane to admonish a democratically elected government at war for the deaths of  its adversaries during the act of safeguarding its peoples and its sovereign territory by not providing a guide – UN’s MANUAL HOW TO WIN AN ARMED WAR WITHOUT KILLING A SINGLE ADVERSARY` FOR DUMMIES.  This certainly would have helped the Sri Lankan Navy and I am certain they would have safeguarded the lives of its peoples and the sovereign territory without seeing a single Tamil Tiger terrorist dead.  This would have been a win-win situation for the UN as well as for Sri Lanka, but then the UN has failed the Sri Lanka’s Army and Navy who were trained to do a job, to safe guard the security of the sovereign territory and its peoples.

It is quite obvious that the comments on the judgement were based on unsubstantiated allegations contained in Channel 4s ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ and the Darusman Report.  Both these efforts to deride the Sri Lankan Government for eliminating the scourge of Tamil Tiger terrorism has been a farce of a cut-and-paste job of the Tamil Net propaganda news and doctored video clips.

In Summary, what is important to note is that Commodore Nadarajah Kuruparan of the Sri Lanka Navy’s case demolishes the myth and Fairy Tales that the Tamils are being persecuted and discriminated in Sri Lanka, and that every Tamil Convention Refugee claimant who has returned to Sri Lanka after receiving the Canadian passport for holidays or whatever, are fraudulent refugees and they are all economic refugees.  Minister that is indeed the simple truth, which I am sure you are too smart not to know.

And what is extraordinary is that while Canada is keeping out the Sri Lanka militia personnel whether they be Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim out of Canada for alleged war crimes, Canada has been heartily embracing the hardcore Tamil Tigers who may have killed the innocent Sinhalese and Muslims during the war,  and helped to recruit Tamil children, boys and girls as child soldiers for their Baby Brigade and trained  some to become suicide bombers.   This is where the Canadian  ‘We are Holier Than Thou’ hypocrisy is sick and laughable.


Asoka Weerasinghe

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