Yearly Archive: 2018


IMPACT of US withdrawal from UNHRC on SRI LANKA

By Neville Ladduwahetty There is considerable speculation within Sri Lanka as regards the impact of US withdrawal from the UNHRC. While some hope for a certain degree of letting up as a consequence of the US action, others are of the view that the US would continue to maintain its...


‘Bunker Kurutu Gee’ Exhibition Draws Large Crowds

courtesy of The mega exhibition of ‘Bunker Kurutu Gee’ (bunker graffiti), an attempt to showcase creative poetic skills of the soldiers who compiled them while they were serving in bunkers to fight against LTTE terrorists, drew the attention of a large gathering of servicemen, civilians and young men who visited...


Sri Lankan sovereignty, non-negotiable!

by Tamara Kunanayakam Courtesy of The Island Economist, Chairperson – UN Working Group on the Right to Development (2011 – 2015), and former Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN at Geneva (Based on a Public Lecture at the University of Colombo, adapted for The Island) Sri Lankan sovereignty –...