Human Rights for some

Today, the New York based HRW is keeping the LTTE mantra alive: HRW says Massacre of ACF Aid Workers goes unpunished.

So does the massacre of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians by the Tamils. But then how can the Human Rights Watch hold the international Tamil community responsible for this when it’s bad business to bite the hand that feeds?

So we gotta ask the yankeez: are lives of aid workers worth more than thousands and thousands of innocent civilians murdered by the Tamils?

As Dr. Michael Radu, the Co-Chair of FPRI’s Center on Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Homeland Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia noted:

“The latter (Western donors), as usual, are themselves “sensitive” to the enormously effective, and wealthy, pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora and the international “human rights” lobbies-such as AI and HRW. Each of those, over time and for its purposes, acted to prolong the conflict, protect the LTTE, and thus have more Sri Lankans killed…”

 Wake up from your slumber:

There was no surplus of funds available to the LTTE in Sri Lanka to fund terror. Jane’s Defense Intelligence Review states the Tamil terrorists generated 200 to 300 million US dollars an year for their war. All that money came from the West. There are no weapons factories to arm a terrorist war in Sri Lanka. Most of the weapons came from the West. Let’s talk about compensation for the victims: don’t you think the West and their “human rights” lobbies should pay for the carnage since they gained much by arming and protecting the LTTE terrorists?

Not to worry, the LTTE financed so-called human rights advocates will never go after the Tamils living in their nations for war crimes. But they will try to crucify leaders of developing nations. Just look at the news …

From our Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia:
‘How to Kill Civilians in the Name of “Human Rights”: Lessons from Sri Lanka’

Human rights? What a joke!

August 02, 2012

John MacKinnon

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