Monthly Archive: January 2016


Land, police and provincial councils

The 13th Amendment gave the Provincial Councils rights over “Land, land tenure, transfer and alienation of land, land use, land settlement and land improvement.” It specifically says “Land shall be a Provincial Council subject to certain limitations.” Land is not on the concurrent list either. It was therefore assumed that “Land” was the exclusive preserve of the Provincial Councils. If a Provincial Council needed any state land, the government has to hand it over, no questions asked.


It was further assumed that central government on the other hand, could only use state land with the approval of the Provincial Councils. Cabinet approved the provision of 15,000 acres of state land for a banana cultivation project in Kantale areas to be followed by 20, 000 acres more to the same company for a cadju plantation. Eastern Provincial Council cancelled these two orders, saying land was their subject and this was done without consulting them. Government disagreed. (Sunday Times 26.7.09 p 1).


I am a war criminal Part II

We never secretly trained and armed rebels and terrorists of other countries as many of our powerful neighbours did. We never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries trying to destabilize them as the powerful countries of the world are constantly doing. We never were bullies. We never invaded or bombed another sovereign country. We only defended ourselves in our own country from the cruelest and vilest terrorist outfit in the world. Self defense has no rules. It was a matter of life or death. We had to safeguard the unitary status of the country which is the sine qua non for the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of our small, island nation. It was all out war but not between two legally constituted conventional armies. One was a terrorist organization that did not recognize or honour any international rule of war.


I am a war criminal

amantha Power, Soros, Blair and others like them have come and gone and will come again. World powers have begun to show a great interest in our country, especially about our political issues more than about our economic issues. We must be wary when great powers show such concern for it is a dangerous and a warning sign. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” Vergil (Aeneid) If the UNHRC and the international community say that war crimes have been committed in Sri Lanka; I firmly declare to the judicial instrument, whatever its pedigree, ‘hybrid’ or not, that is going to inquire in to the role of the GOSL armed forces in the defeat of the LTTE terrorists and their separatist agenda, that I am a war criminal. I am neither a soldier nor a politician I am a civilian but I am a war criminal. I shall prove that I am so with a quotation from the famous historian Arnold Toynbee.


ජාතියේ අනන්‍යතාවයට සිදුවූ දේ ආගමටත් වේද?

1948 දී සුද්දාගෙන් නිදහස ලැබුවද 1957 වනතුරුම රජයේ භාෂාව  වූයේ ඉoග්‍රීසි යයි. ඉoග්‍රීසි උගතාට පමණක් නොව කලිසමට තිබුන තැනවත් එදා සිoහල උගතාට තිබුනේ නැත. එවකට විජේවර්ධනලාට අයත්ව වික්‍රමසිoහලා පාලනය කල ලේක්හවුස් ආයතනයේ ඉoග්‍රීසි පුවත් පතක පලවූ කාටුනයක සිoහල උගතා වඳුරෙකුට සමාන කර තිබිණ. රජයේ පමනක් නොව පුද්ගලික ආයතනවල පවා ලිපිකරු සේවයේ සිට පරිපාලනය තෙක් සියලු තනතුරු කොළොඹ ඇතුලු ප්‍රධාන නගරවල, විශේෂයෙන්ම යාපනයේ,රජයේ ආධාර ලබමින් පවත්වා ගෙන ගිය මිෂනාරී පාසැල් වලින් බිහිකල ඉoග්‍රීසි උගතුන්ට පමණක් සීමාවිය. ඔවුන් අතර ‘බර්ගර්’ හා ද්‍රවිඩ  ජාතිකයින්ද ක්‍රිස්තියානි ලබ්දිකයින්ද, රටේ බහුජන කොටස වන සිoහල බෞද්ධයින් අභිභවා කැපීපෙනින. ගමේ ගොඩේ පවත්වා ගෙන ගිය පාසැල් බොහමයක අවසානය අටවෙනි පන්තිය විය.  නැතනම් දහවෙනි වසරතෙක් යන ‘ප්‍රාරම්භය’ යනුවෙන් හැඳින්වූ අවසාන පන්තිය විය.