I am a war criminal

amantha Power, Soros, Blair and others like them have come and gone and will come again. World powers have begun to show a great interest in our country, especially about our political issues more than about our economic issues. We must be wary when great powers show such concern for it is a dangerous and a warning sign. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” Vergil (Aeneid) If the UNHRC and the international community say that war crimes have been committed in Sri Lanka; I firmly declare to the judicial instrument, whatever its pedigree, ‘hybrid’ or not, that is going to inquire in to the role of the GOSL armed forces in the defeat of the LTTE terrorists and their separatist agenda, that I am a war criminal. I am neither a soldier nor a politician I am a civilian but I am a war criminal. I shall prove that I am so with a quotation from the famous historian Arnold Toynbee.

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