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Questioning “Final Days of War” – British and American accountability for Dresden and Hiroshima bombings

“Final days of war” and accountability is the hot topic in the diplomatic and international arena. Let us ask the Germans and the Japanese what they thought of when the Allied Troops flattened Dresden the night prior to Valentine’s Day in 1945 in a 2 night blanket bombing using 3,300 tons of high explosive and 1,500 tons of incendiary bombs that had no strategic goals except to murder 35,000 (some argue it is far more) German civilians and create cultural hurt and the Royal Air Force bomber SIR “Harris” claims he would repeat the bombing again 30 years later!


Remembering the Golden Victory of May 2009


As Sri Lanka and her people complete the 4th year of peace following the defeat of the LTTE – the world’s most brutal terrorist organization – we salute the Sri Lankan defence forces and all other organisations which collectively safeguarded the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. 


EU told Lanka probing C4 video

The government informed the European Parliament today (Tuesday) that irrespective of Sri Lanka’s categorical rejection of the Channel-4 footage in the “Killing Fields” documentary and its authenticity, Sri Lanka nevertheless, is in the process of investigating the allegations.


A rebuke to Sri Lanka

2 May 2013

The Editor

The Ottawa Citizen.


You say in today’s editorial,”… the diplomatic equivalent of a slap in the face – is for the leader of one country to refuse to attend a high profile gathering hosted by another.  Well Canada has just slapped Sri Lanka,” by announcing that Prime Minister Stephen Harper not wanting to attend the Comonwealth Summit in ColomboThe reason being that there has been alleged human rights violations during the last five months of the 27 year long Tamil Tiger terrorist’s Eelam War for wanting their separate mono-ethnic, Tamil state.