Remembering the Golden Victory of May 2009


As Sri Lanka and her people complete the 4th year of peace following the defeat of the LTTE – the world’s most brutal terrorist organization – we salute the Sri Lankan defence forces and all other organisations which collectively safeguarded the unity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. 

We also remember patriotically those who gave political leadership to the victory which led to the liberation of 21 million Sri Lankans who had been held to ransom for nearly three decades by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists.

Ever since the divisive politics started by communal minded Tamil leaders under the British administration and the formation of the racist IATK (Lanka Tamil State Party) way back in 1948 followed by the adoption of the infamous Vaddukoddai resolution of violence in 1976, Sri Lanka had to put up with the ‘little now more later’ separatist agenda and then the dictates of the bombs and weapons of the LTTE.

Tens of thousands of unarmed civilians and members of the defence and internal security organisations had to pay the supreme price during the LTTE’s rule of terror.  The majority of non-LTTE Tamil political leaders were killed while thousands of Tamil youth were forcibly recruited as child soldiers and Tamil civilians held hostage as ‘human shields’.  Furthermore, many Sinhalese and Muslims were chased away from their homes in the North and East of Sri Lanka by way of ethnic cleansing resorted by the LTTE.

The historic victory in May 2009 provided opportunities to the country and her people for economic development, rebuilding as well as social progress.  While the country was able to turn a new page in her history, one has to be aware of the conspiracy to bring back racist politics and attempts to divide the nation. There are overt and covert movements launched by a small number of disgruntled and non-representative Sri Lankan politicians and the Tiger diaspora supported by the INGO / NGO industry which is fuelled by funds and instructions of some of foreign embassies and intelligence agencies.

While we celebrate our golden victory, we should also resolve that we will never again allow the country to be misled into divisive politics and violence.  We should guard the territorial integrity and the unitary status of Sri Lanka as we bow our heads to the Lion Flag. and to the

memory of our war heroes.

Ranjith Soysa


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