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Tamil man Dayan Anthony questioned, recants on torture claims

The first Tamil asylum seeker to be deported from Australia since the end of Sri Lanka’s 27-year civil conflict has recanted all claims of torture and mistreatment by Sri Lankan authorities in a government press conference held less than 24 hours after arriving back in Colombo.


20 Tigers to be sued for war crimes

Some 20 hardcore LTTE cadres who are alleged to have committed war crimes will be prosecuted within the next six months under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) and Emergency Regulations, thus bringing to a closure the uncertainty over the fate of the detainees.


Tamils Must Live Without Caste And Class

Anyone keen to know and understand the dynamics of Sri Lanka’s conflict will need to also realize that the cries of discrimination by the Sinhalese was an orchestrated plan to keep hidden from the world the fact that Tamils were and wanted to continue to remain divided by caste and class so that only a handful of Tamils would between themselves enjoy education, social and political development.