Three Women on the Tiger Trail

That the LTTE propagandists of today know the value of women in their work is no different to the importance the military leadership of the Tamil Tigers attached to women who they trained as suicide cadres, to carry some of the most bloody terrorist activities in Sri Lanka and India.

That a woman can fool a person with tears, as well as their ability to move people with harrowing tales of suffering that may not be true is a well documented fact, which casts no slur on all women. Just now the LTTE, or its so-called Diaspora wings in many parts of the western world, are using three women who can spin some tales of unbelievable horror against Sri Lankan troops, all of them claiming to be eye-witnesses, and whose words are being lapped up by unethical journalists, human rights activists and even by jurists who are expected to apply higher standards to ascertain the veracity of statements by alleged witnesses.

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