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Ambassador Jayatilleka rejects accusations

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in France  has described as ‘ridiculous’ the accusations made by certain pro-secessionist propagandist websites, according to which the military intelligence was behind the assassination of a former LTTE commander in France.


UN admits failure in Sri Lanka

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

 November 15, 2012

 The Editor


 Dear Editor:

 Let’s get this story right about Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger separatist war once and for all.  It is not only the Tamil civilians who got killed, which is being blamed on the Sri Lankan Government soldiers, the Sinhalese and Muslim civilians  too were killed in the thousands by the Tamil Tigers, with machates, AK47s, claymore mines, suicide bombs, and other sophisticated war weapons.


Top LTTE operative Parithi killed

Nadarajah Mathithiran alias Parithi alias Reegan was killed on 09 November 2012 as a result of rivalry among LTTE/pro LTTE Tamil youth groups in Europe,that had been existing since the military defeat of the LTTE in May 2009 . Parithi was identified as a key terrorist activist in France who was engaged in many antisocial and criminal activities in Europe.


Abolish 13-A

The Society for Peace Unity and Human Rights (SPUR) is a 16 year old human rights organisation operating in Australia, dedicated to protecting the unitary status and the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka. We have been active in countering actions denigrating Sri Lanka and challenging the spread of malicious misinformation.