Retain the Rights of Sinhalese Voters in the Vavuniya Region

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Dear Election Commissioner,

As reported in a news item ,  the universal franchise of a large number of Sinhalese in the NE surrounding the Vavuniya Region have been compromised by omitting their names from the electoral list.

Theses people who have had their names on the electoral list would not check whether the current status remaining unchanged,  as they have not requested any change and hence not expecting change. Trust you appreciate these people are poor people mostly and would find it extremely difficult to find information in electronic or written media.

In addition, I would respectfully inform you that that your web does not carry any information on the Voter Awareness icon nor  have you included any Media Releases recently in 2017 referring to the electoral list. This was the case in English as well as  in the Sinhalese version of the web pages.

I believe you will respect the view that the people sighted in the said Villages in the Vavuniya area have the right to vote and  that their names should not be removed by any high level official surreptitiously or underhandedly what ever the reason, without  following due process and informing the affected voters.

It’s the responsibility of the Government at all levels, Central, Provincial and Local to ensure that the people have their universal franchise to vote protected and retained as it existed in 2013.

Please take the necessary steps urgently to address this issue.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya




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