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Human smuggling: Australian MP backs GoSL operation

Australian MP Don Randall has praised Sri Lanka’s efforts to tackle what he called the evil trade in people, while urging the Australian government to throw its weight behind GoSL. MP Randall, in a special statement to ‘The Island’, congratulated GoSL for setting an example of how to deal with the evil trade in people.


The American dilemma

Now that the LLRC Action Plan is out, it has drawn the usual reactions. Those who find good things in it claim that these have been forced on government. Others claim that it does not go far enough.


The Deception of Self-Determination in Sri Lanka

In 1945 there were just 55 nations states in the world. 51 years later by 1996 there were 185 nation states. Countries have certainly split and become separated. Much of these “separations” have resulted from decolonization which have evolved to create greater issues that “independent” nations have to deal with.