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Malaysian govt. donation to Tamil Forum questioned

Sri Lanka is seeking details of how funds given to the Tamil Forum of Malaysia (TFM) by the Malaysian Government has been spent and the names of NGOs engaged in channeling such funds and the projects funded.


The Human Rights boot is on the other foot at the UN General Assembly

The 2012 General Assembly of the United Nations began on September 18 at the UN headquarters in New York. As outlined in the UN Charter, the function of the General Assembly is to discuss, debate, and make recommendations on a range of subjects pertaining to international peace and security.


India and Sri Lanka must seek War Crimes against Adele Balasingham for fostering LTTE suicide terrorism

Human Rights Watch expressed its unequivocal view that suicide bombing is a crime against humanity. HRW also claims that the political elites, commanders, and those that organize, facilitate, and encourage these suicide attacks are likewise guilty of conduct that offends against prevailing norms of international criminal law.