Commonwealth Report by Eminent Persons

It is too easy an exercise for the 11-member Eminent Persons Group to tell the 54 Commonwealth nations, that unless human rights are respected that the Commonwealth of Nations will face demise.

What should be more relevant is to tell these nations that they will be penalized if they help a non-democratically elected group to try and destroy a sister Commonwealth nation by destabilizing that democracy with war.

The case in point is Sri Lanka, which is now being accused of alleged human rights violations for the very reason of getting rid of the most ruthless terrorist group in the world on 19 May 2009, the Tamil Tigers, after haemorrhaging that island nation for 27 bloody years where they saw the ‘right-to-life’ of its 22 million people being hijacked with 388 suicide bombings and detonating claymore mines at street corners during rush hours and inside puiblic transport vehicles.

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