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How does good governance affect on peace and justice in sri lanka

Most of countries in the arena widely talked about this so much valuable topic among them good governance is a very needy concept in order to establish everywhere peace and justice. sri Lanka wherein many political and social related organization had in touched with good governance process. currently people have...


Gota slams British hypocrisy on Julian Assange

Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday said that the UK’s outright rejection of the UN ruling that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange be allowed to go free highlighted again British double standards vis-à-vis Sri Lanka. “Obviously, the British do not practice what they preach to us here as well as other...


At Sri Lanka’s Independence: Revisiting the crimes and communal disharmony created by the British

The British ruled parts of Sri Lanka from 1796 and the whole of Sri Lanka from 1815 to 1948. Sri Lanka marks 4 February 1948 as its day of Independence. When our history is related by the very nations that occupied us or by twisted versions from their local clones the true history is often wiped under the carpet for the embarrassing nature of crimes and the dirty tactics adopted. A 1904 British newspaper pokes fun at the Sinhala elite “Ceylon is Our Happy Possession, while other colony’s make noise for more reforms, Ceylon makes Money”. Old practices die hard and the very nations that colonized nations and destroyed ancient cultures and native governance systems are on course to continuing their destructive nature. We look at some of these crimes that attempted to divide the people and continue to destable the nation inspite of being independent.


Relevance of British concern about accusations against UK war veterans


HMS Defender arrived, in Colombo, on January 30, on a brief visit. The Type 45 Destroyer left on the following day. The British High Commission asserted that the naval visit, the first in four years, signified developing defence relations between the two countries, since the conclusion of the conflict, in May, 2009.


The warship is on a nine-month deployment in the Middle East, and it’s her second assignment. It would be interesting to know whether HMS Defender had been scheduled to visit Colombo when it left Portsmouth in late Oct last year.