Daily Archive: May 2, 2015


No follow-up action on BoC

The Nation learns that although the committee appointed to probe the controversial Bond Issue by the Central Bank recommended an inquiry into the involvement of the Bank of Ceylon (BoC), no action has been taken so far.

The Committee found that there was no direct involvement of Governor Arjun Mahendran but clearly implied the possibility of complicity indirectly. 


Speak John (Kerry), like Cochise

First of all, welcome to Sri Lanka. Don’t worry, it’s all heart and not courtesy. This country has embraced one and all. Invader, interferer, brigand, smuggler, embezzler, immigrant, condescending missionary determined to ‘save’ the heathen, marauder, city-sacker, control-freak, you name it, we got them all. 

This you must know: when we say ‘friend’ we mean it. It is not diplo-speak. We don’t refer to ‘long-standing friendly relations’ even as we plot control and extraction. We don’t advocate, insist and enforce with or without the stated or unsaid ‘this is for your own good’. We recognize all this, though. We know that power lies in the ability to make others inhibit our version of their reality as Philip Gourevitch observed in his collection of essays on Rwanda, ‘We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families’. 


Atul Keshap: New US Envoy to Sri Lanka for ‘Federal Structure’

Soon to arrive in Colombo the United States ambassador to Sri Lanka, Atul Keshap, has already gone on record that the United States supports a federal structure as a catalyst for national reconciliation among the Sinhalese majority and Tamil minority.

Mr. Keshap who is expected to present his credentials to President Maitripala Sirisena soon as America’s diplomatic envoy in Colombo made the authoritative declaration that this South Asian nation needs a federal structure to redress minority Tamil grievances when he was Deputy Assistant Secretary in the State Department’s South Asian Bureau – the next immediate official to Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal. Previously, he was working very closely on Sri Lankan issues with Robert Blake when he was the assistant secretary of the South Asian Bureau. Mr. Blake was the US envoy in Colombo during the period the Sri Lanka military undertook the final assault on the Tamil Tiger movement.


Conservatives woo Tamil diaspora vote Election manifesto highlights David Cameron’s Jaffna visit

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to Jaffna during his presence in the Island for the 2013 CHOGM has been highlighted in the Conservative Party’s election manifesto with the party’s commitment towards finding a political settlement to the Lankan Tamil issue.

Addressing in a manner attracting the Tamil diaspora in Britain the Conservative Party’s election manifesto was released on 14 April along with other priorities of the Conservatives. According to the British Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers, the Conservative Party manifesto has expressed its commitment to the UN investigation into Sri Lankan atrocities and pledged to work towards a political settlement for Tamils in Sri Lanka.