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Reply to Rathika Sitsabaiesan: Upset about the arrests of the Jaffna students in Jaffna

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19 December 2012

Rathika Sitsabaiesan, MP, NDP Member for Scarborough-Rouge River, 
House of Commons, Ottawa.

Dear Rathika:

In your Statement of the arrest of students in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, you said: “Recently the Sri Lankan government arrested and detained students without cause following a silent protest after security forces broke up a lamp lighting ceremony at a woman’s hostel at Jaffna University.  The students, protesting against the lack of freedom of expression, were attacked and beaten by officers, with at least 20 undergraduate students suffering from injuries.”


Response to Fr. Emmanuel’s love for “Sinhalese Buddhists”!-Interview with Fr. Emmanuel by Sri Lankan Guardian/Nov 2012

The man who rechristened Prabakaran “anna” as “Jesus Christ”, the LTTE as “soldiers of Christ” and LTTE suicide bombers as “martyrs” is none other than President of the Global Tamil Forum – Father S J Emmanuel now self-exiled in Germany and not the least piqued that he himself is referred to as the “Desmond Tutu” of Tamils! The LTTE-Church links is nothing anyone can hide.


Sustainable Development – Is Sri Lanka on the right path?

The 2012 Prof A.W. Mailvaganam Memorial Oration, organized by the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka, was delivered by Dr Janaka Ratnasiri on the topic “Sustainable Development – Is Sri Lanka on the right path?” on Friday the 23rd at the Physics Department Conference Room of the University of Colombo. Prof. Mailvaganam was the first Sri Lankan Professor of Physics who held the chair from 1939 to 1971.