Monthly Archive: November 2012


The future of 13-A

The responsibility for the illegality/unconstitutionality of 13A should be collectively borne by the then Supreme Court and the then Parliament.


Tambimuttu drops bombshell Says provinces must go as they are impractical and security threat

Sri Lanka Freedom Party organiser for the Batticaloa District Arun Tambimuttu like his late father, assassinated TULF parliamentarian Sam Tambimuttu stands up for his convictions and does not mince his words when he says that the 13th Amendment and the provincial councils need to go as the time has come to evolve a more practical system of devolution and administration in their place.


Sri Lanka, Wikileaks and Norway

Dear Sirs,In October 2012 Wikileaks exposed more documents related to the scandalous  Norwegian peace facilitation. It reveals Norway?s attack on freedom ofspeech. The Norwegian MFA is providing false and fraudulent information about me, Sri Lankan Patriots and The Government of Sri Lanka. Enclosed is an Adobe PDF with my comments...