Monthly Archive: August 2012


Senator Lee Rhiannon misinforms the Australian Parliament & People

On 14th August 2012 at the Australian Senate, the Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon once again took upon herself to vilify Sri Lanka based on highly biased information in keeping with the traditions of the Greens Party which has a tendency to adopt any means to justify their highly theoretical policy platform.


Taming the Tigers of Sri Lanka’s bloody past

AT the next Olympics, one of the shooters selected to represent Sri Lanka could be a former sniper of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, once trained to kill Sri Lankans. A member of the swimming squad could be an ex-member of the Sea Tiger suicide cadre.


Where Are You Alex? Lessons To Be Learnt – OpEd

Alex! Alex! Where art thou? We need you. Australia needs you. As a tale of “high drama” and alleged “piracy” surrounds the Wallenius Wilhelmsen and its detour to unload 67 male asylum-seekers at Christmas Island(i) hits the Australian headlines your experience and grandstanding would be beneficial to all sides.