Monthly Archive: August 2012


5R Video Documentary

Finally, Sri Lanka is beginning to show what she has done since elimination terror, three years ago. Tamils in the North live happily and live prosperous lives, without fear of terror.  


New great opportunities for Lanka – Akashi

Implementing some sections of the LLRC recommendations will take time because they have to go through a political process and it is difficult to impose a time frame on such matters, Japan’s Special Representative to Sri Lanka Yasushi Akashi said yesterday.


Senator Lee Rhiannon misinforms the Australian Parliament & People

SPUR MEDIA RELEASE – 24 August 2012

On 14th August 2012 at the Australian Senate, the Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon once again took upon herself to vilify Sri Lanka based on highly biased information in keeping with the traditions of the Greens Party which has a tendency to adopt any means to justify their highly theoretical policy platform.