Time to identify our enemies

By S. Akurugoda

As correctly stated in The Island editorial of Wednesday (11),’Crooks and fleas’, our country today has earned notoriety as a rogues’ paradise. The editorial further says “Nobody has been arrested over the Treasury bond scams which have caused colossal losses to some state banks and the Employees’ Provident Fund. There is irrefutable evidence to arraign the bond racketeers on charges of financial crimes and corruption. But, allegations against them are probed over and over again endlessly and, at this rate, the half-hearted investigations are likely to drag on till the cows come home. As the crooks responsible for the Central Bank bond rackets have been moving about freely other yahapalana cronies may have thought of going a step further and robbing foreign banks.”


The basic question is ‘who is responsible for creating this situation?’


The eradication of terrorism militarily under the Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) leadership was of ‘grave concern’ to some countries (including those who trained and armed the racial groups at the very beginning), who are interested in maintaining their ‘superiority’ over the others. On the other hand, the eradication of terrorism also caused tremendous hardship to the political wings of the militarily eliminated LTTE, the TNA and the GTF, the politicians who signed pacts with the terrorist leader and promoted so-called political solutions for three decades, and the NGOs. They were exploring every possible political avenue, by hook or crook, to topple MR and to install a puppet regime to achieve their goals.


We were under foreign powers for centuries due to the acts of saboteurs and traitors. We have witnessed, during our lifetime, how powerful are enemies within, when toppling regimes. Throughout our history, invaders manipulate public opinion to retain power more than artilleries. The tele-drama ‘Muthu Kuda’ currently screened by ‘Ada Derana’ shows how British invaders used the above weapons with the enormous support from power-hungry segments of society.


What we achieved in January 2015 was the mere consequence of manipulation of public opinion (similar to what the invaders did in the past) by these foreign and local elements to create distrust, ill-will among allies, and loss of confidence in the leadership of MR.


The coming few months will be very crucial, as the enemies of our nation and their paid agents will work overtime and will spend billions of rupees to turn the country onto turmoil, to trap all those who are opposing them to achieve their goals at any cost. Unless we are fully aware of what is going on, and act wisely to defeat the sinister motives of those enemies, the much awaited peace, stability and progress of our country, prior to January 2015, will be at stake.



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