Canada distorts the Truth about Tamil Genocide allegations in Sri Lanka

11 July 2019

His Excellency David McKinnon
Canadian High Commissioner for Sri Lanka
Canadian High Commission
33A  5th Lane
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka.

Dear High Commissioner David McKinnon:

Re: Canada distorts the Truth about Tamil Genocide allegations in Sri Lanka

I read with hurried interest the news item Canada to support conflict prevention in Sri Lanka , in The Island of July 4, reporting what you had said on Canada Day.

Reading it, one would have expected this expatriate Sinhalese-Sri Lankan-Canadian who has been domiciled in Canada, since 26 August 1968 (with a  hiatus between 29 May 1970, and October 16, 1970), first in St. John’s, Newfoundland and then in Ottawa since 16 October 16, 1970, to tell himself, O! Canada, you have finally seen the light about Sri Lanka.”

If what you said should had excited the cockles of my heart and made me sit on a Roman Candle on Canada Day fire-works display, to shoot myself up into the indigo sky throwing multi-coloured fireballs on everyone down below,  shouting Yippee..yippee”  with joy  celebrating Canada Day,  but, Oops,  unfortunately it never happened.

Why not?” You may ask.  There was an undertone of bigotry in your statement”,I would say. Then what would have satisfied the cockles of your heart?” you may ask. And I would have responded,

That is easy.  If your statement had been – Canada to support conflict prevention in Sri Lanka as well as in Canada by reining the anti-Sri Lanka politicians who make the reconciliation process difficult by sustaining the Eelam rhetoric  with their questionable statements and Private Member Bills and voting to probe Tamil Genocide” in Sri Lanka which never happened, like a bunch of Tamil Blarney Curry-in-a-Hurry popsicle suckers.”  That would have delighted me and I would have said, Thank You, High Commissioner David McKinnon, you are one honest Canadian diplomat, much, much better than High Commissioner Nancy Stiles who had a soft spot for the Tamil Eelam cause.  Way to go Sir!”

Brampton City Council under its veteran Sri Lanka hater  Mayor Patrick Brown,  declaring May 18 as the City’s Remembrance Day of Tamil Genocide, only showed your bigotry, This is the MP for Barrie who bicycled around Parliament’s campus with NDP rookie Tamil MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan in October 2011 showing the Channel 4 questionable film,”Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” film, with John Argue of Amnesty International following them like a sick puppy to give their dubious act  legitimacy.

Do you know what High Commissioner? That declaration of the Brampton City Council,  kicked and woke up the sleeping Sinhalese lions and lionesses as over 600 of them demonstrated in front of Brampton City Council on May 21.  I believe the Council was sitting in its Chamber that evening and heard the  ‘lion and lioness’ roars of the angry demonstrators loud and clearly in protest shouting Patrick Brown you are a Clown.”   This is the same anti-Sri Lanka hating MP who lambasted the Sri Lanka Government  on TV in mid- 2009 for not giving him and his colleague Paul Calandra visas to enter Sri Lanka in mid-2009 to check on the Tamil refugee camps in the North.

I thought it was an unfair demand when the Sri Lanka Government was involved in the horrendous logistics to provide comfortable accommodation to the 295,873 Tamil refugees that they rescued from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers and preparing a million hearty meals a day, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, than spend time to provide visas and security to Patrick Brown and Paul Calandra, when they were not even Junior Ministers of the Canadian Government.

You bet,  these Sinhalese protesters won’t go to sleep again, as  they have had enough of this Tamil blarney from the separatist Tamils and their Canadian politician supporters, who have sold their souls for a Tamil vote.

The question to you High Commissioner is, what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to rein in these politicians of deceit, who have willfully broken the Human Rights Code of reconciliation, and introduced their Tamil Tiger Code of re-CON-ciliation, between the Sinhalease and the separatist-Tamils. Too bad!

Then there was ACT 2 of ‘Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: The dishonest Play of Tamil Genocide Blarney’.

The City of Toronto under the Mayorship of John Tory  too proclaimed May 18 as the Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day.”  and so  pouffff went your statement , Canada to support conflict prevention in Sri Lanka, but Canada certainly keeps the banned Tamil Tiger flag flying with such Tamil Genocide Tamil Blarney proclamations.  So, High Commissioner David McKinnon,  your statement on Canada Day had lost its currency of diplomatic honesty.  So what are you going to do about it?  And the Tamil Tiger Code of re-CON-ciliation lives another day in Canada.

Then there was ACT 3 of ‘Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: The dishonest Play of Tamil Genocide Blarney,’ which blew your statement ‘Canada to support conflict prevention in Sri Lanka’ into smithereens,   That was a cruel joke on the Sri Lankans.  How could you support conflict prevention when the pro-Eelam politicians keep  stirring the witches brew in an iron cauldron decorated with the Canadian red Maple leaf.  This is ‘Bigotry” I said, and I will say it again.  It is bigotry in the first order!

This was Act 3, when 59 members of the Ontario Legislature stood up in the Legislative-Chamber and said Aye”  pushing through the Second Reading of Tamil Genocide Bill 104.  This Bill 104 was drafted packed with indelible untruths, lies,  to proclaim a Tamil Genocide Education Week in Ontario.

My observation was, Are these 59  Moms and Dads, the majority who very likely have young families who are focused to bringing up their childen in an honest Global Village, trying not to pollute their young minds with the words Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka, when it never happened.  And mind you, the word Genocide” is twinned with the active word Hate”.  What?   A Canadian kid who wouldn’t recognize where the little speck of an island, a pimple in the Indian Ocean is in a world map, being taught  that there was Tamil-Genocide  in that remote island of Sri Lanka, and  thus hating the guilty, the Sinhalese-Canadian classmates.  This is surreal.   This is insane. This is poppycock-crazy!.

These 59 Aye” saying Councillors have to take that parental responsibility for distorting the truth, when Tamil-Genocide never happened.  Shish!  What nastiness.  I object to this Bill 104 which is a callous act of mockery of the word Truth”  It is an incipient act of divisiveness of the multi-ethnic Sri Lankan-Canadan community right across Canada, just not only in the Province of Ontario.  This Bill 104 insults the dignity of the Sri Lankan-Sinhalese Canadian community, which I happen to be one of them.

And that Bill 104 denies the validity of your statement in Colombo on Canada Day, High Commissioner McKinnon.  And that is a sad indictment of guilt of bigotry.  That is the rub.  And that’s how the cookie  crumbles, Mr. High Commissioner.  The question is, what are you going to do about it when it impacts on you and your statement on Canada Day?

And here is Act 4 of  Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka: The dishonest Play of Tamil Genocide Blarney”, and it is a doosey, showing that our Canada is a nation of putrid-arrogance, to promote ourselves as We are Holier than Thou.”  And that is an overkill, isn’t it High Commissioner David McKinnon?

Here is a perfect textbook example of a Canadian pot calling a Sri Lankan kettle black. Specially, when Canada is accused of Genocide” on Aboriginal women  in a voluminous Report, ‘Claim our Power and Our Place’delivered on Monday, June 3, 2019, to the Canadian authorities which was written after two years of work by a specialized Commission – that thousands of indiginous women were murdered or missing in recent decades have been victims of ‘Genocide’; in our Canada,  and Lo behold, the NDP Motion was adopted in the House of Commons to investigate Sri Lanka’s actions to defeat Tamil Tiger Terrorism in the years 2006 to 2009 as an act of Genocide”. 

Mr. High Commissioner, all what I want to do is scream saying Give me a break, Canada.”  That Motion was proposed by NDP and was passed in the House with the consent of all parties on the 19th of June, 2019.  Wow!  What a colonial-type of arrogance!

Ha! All parties they said.   What?

Let’s look at these parties clinically, and their interest in Sri Lanka, and their extraordinary interest in the separatist Tamil Movement, and warring with the Sri Lankan armed forces for 30-bloodying years, to carve out one-third of the prime real estate in the north and east to create their mono-ethnic, racist, separate Tamil State, Eelam for 12% of the population.

NDP’s support for the separatist Tamils  was exposed when their  late leader Jack Layton compared the  leader of the ruthless serial assassins, the Tamil Tiger terrorists, Velupillai Prabhakaran to South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, in front of 10,000 Tamils at Queen’s Park.   Nelson Mandela would have turned in his grave, looked straight into Jack Layton’s eyes and told him, Stop insulting me man.  Are you an idiot or what!”

It was Jack Layton who called for an Emergency Meeting on Sri Lanka at the Parliamentary Chambers on 4th February 2009, which was a circus of clowns.  I watched them on CPAC and christened this event as the  Canadian Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show. 

So the NDPiers sold their souls to the Tamil Diaspora, to seek a favour from them – their bloc vote.  And they have the gall and temerity to pass a motion in parliament to investigate Sri Lanka’s action to defeat Tamil Tiger terrorism between 2006 and 2009 as an act of Genocide.”

And I wouldn’t hesitate to tell Ms.Salma Zahid, MP for Scarborough Center, to get off her high-horse and try not to embarrass herself, by trying to be smart to win the Tamil votes in her constituency.  And not to challenge the strategy and intelligence of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for annihilating the Tamil Tiger terrorists to give back the  most coveted human right, the right-to-life to 21 million peoples which had been hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 30 long years.  Come down from your high-horse Ms. Salma Zahid.”

Let’s look at the Liberals, clinically, why they looked aside when the separatist Tamil Diaspora collected 2 million dollars a month for 13 years under the leadership of

Prime Ministers Jean Chretian and Paul Martin, to stuff the Tamil Tiger War Chest to buy a sophisticated armoury of Kalashnikovs, bullets, land mines, claymore mines, et cetera, to help win their separatist war. Hmmmm!  In other words, Canada aided and abetted that Eelam war and prolonged it.  There is No ifs and buts.

It was the Liberals in 1994 who let a member of the Tamil Diaspora cut a cheque from a Bank in Vancouver to pay the Rubizone Chemical Factory in the Ukraine for the purchase of 10 tons of hexogen, plastic explosives like Semtex; 50 tons of TNT, and a large quantity of electric timing caps and detonator cord.  These were the explosives that were used in a truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building in Colombo, on January 31, 1996.  That truck bomb killed 114 people and  maimed 1,338 others for life.

And so the Liberal Party had the gall and temerity to support this brainless motion by the NDP to investigate Sri Lanka’s actions between 2006 and 2009 which they say was an act of Genocide.

It were the Liberal Terrible 5 – Robert Oliphant, Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, Derek Lee and Albina Guanierri, who accused the Sri Lanka Government of Genocide during the Canadian Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show on 4 February 2009.  When questioned about Genocide”, this Liberal Terrible 5 choked.  They just could  not back up their allegation.  Your Excellency, at that point I fell on my knees  with my palms together and I asked , the Sweet Mother of Jesus, to help Sri Lanka from these moronic Canadian accusations.  All this for a Tamil vote.

And finally, lets clinically analyse the Conservatives who supported this motion of the NDP.

It was the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper who went into a hissy-fit and boycotted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference held in Colombo  in November 2013.  He was merely pandering to the Tamil voters in the Greater Toronto Area.  This was embarrassing as he expected the other Commonwealth Heads like the UK and Australia to file behind him in support.  There was not a snowball’s chance in hell for his silliness. He was snubbed as they all more or less told him, All right Stephen, if you want to stay back, go ahead and stay back but we are going to Colombo to attend the Summit.  If you want to go to the corner of your office, stick your thumb in your mouth and sulk, that is your business.  Good luck!”

So he sent his emissary  Minister Deepak Obhrai to represent him and Canada.  And he was another disaster. Another embarrassment and angered the majority of the Sri Lankan-Sinhalese Canadians across Canada.  He acted like a High School Bully.

When asked by a Sri Lankan Official, not to lay a wreath for the Tamils who died for their Eelam cause at Elephant Pass, he was rude and did it anyway,  He said that it was a neutral spot where he laid the wreath.  He obviously didn’t do his homework nor did your High Commission in Colombo.  I had to point it out in a letter that Elephant Pass was the war theatre for three major battles between the Tamil Tigers and the SriLankan Armed Forces.  So he returns to Canada, meets the Tamil separatists in Toronto to tell them what he did for them.  Thus wanting them to return the favour by giving the Conservatives their vote.

All this for a Tamil vote and sustaining the separatist Tamils in Canada by providing them with enough oxygen to continue their War from the Canadian Legislature Chambers, to claim their mono-ethnic, racist, separate Tamil State, Eelam.

So what are you going to do about it Mr. High Commissioner?  You know as well as I know and so does the other Canadian Foeign Affairs diplomats know, that although the Tamil Tigers were militarily defeated on the shores of the Nandikadal lagoon on the east coast in Sri Lanka on 19 May 2009, that war continues in the legislative chambers of the Federal, Provincial and City Councils in Canada.  All for the Tamil votes using the Tamil Genocide bogey which never happened,  Shame on  the  Canadian politicians who support the allegations of Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka  And that is the rub.

Let me share my last observations which has pained me for the past decade. Why three events in Sri Lanka have missed the radar of Canadian political bleeding hearts of Human rights.  This amazes me, which proves that we are not squeaky clean and  live a lie that we are a bunch of Goody-two-shoes.

  1. When the world patted the back of Sri Lanka after she annihilated the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists on 19 May 2009, saying, Good Show, way to go Sri Lanka”, but Foreign Minister of Canada, Hon. Lawrence Cannon put out the most pathetic Press Release ignoring this classic event, when the world was fighting to eliminate terrorism, and Sri Lanka annahilated the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists after a 30-year long war almost single handed, Canada had nothing congratulatory to say to the Sri Lanka Government.  That was pathetic.  Why?  I smell a rat here, High Commissioner;
  2. When by the end of the Tamil Tiger terrorist War  on 19, May 2009, the Sri Lankan soldiers rescued 295,873, Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers, who marched them for 30 months from the west coast to the east  coast, like unwashed cattle as a human shield  under a scorching hot  Jaffna-Killinochchi sun, which was  a historic classic textbook event of a Human rescue from terrorists, This did not show up on the Canadian Government’s bleeding heart radar. Not a word of acknowledgement.  Sick! Why? I smell another stinky Canadian rat here!
  3. The amazing humanitarian effort of preparing a million hearty breakfasts  lunches and dinners every day to feed the 295,873 Tamil refugees  housed in temporary camps, to keep them alive, missed the Canadian Government’s bleeding heart Radar, again.  Not a hum…not a word by the Canadian Government so  far  And especially  when the Sri Lankan soldiers, mainly Sinhalese were part of the army of cooks who prepared these million meals. each day.

Not a word.. not a hum from Canadian Government  bleeding hearts  Why?  I  suspect one more stinky rat again.  This classic humanitarian event didn’t  show up in the Canadian  Government’s Bleeding Heart radar.

All this shows that there is a lack of honesty in all these Canadian shenanigans on Sri Lanka’s war against the most ruthless Tamil terrorists  who perfected the suicide bodyt pack which was used to assassinate    India’s Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Lanka’s President Ranasinghe Premadasa.


Do you know why, High Commissioner David McKinnon?   I wish you would   share this information with me.  I have suspicions but I need  a confirmation  from someone with authority that I can trust.  I like to believe that you are  not a Nancy Stiles.  A Canadian diplomat that I could trust   I hope we will meet someday, somewhere when we can exchange our   views on these issues which needs answers. I am not a happy camper, the  first Sinhelese-Sri Lankan Canadian together with my colleague  Asoka Yapa who was fearless and dismissed the Tamil serparatist intimidation, and went on National TV’s  evening 6 o’clock News, on 4 August 1983, to defend the good name of our Motherland Sri Lanka.  By then she had been bashed to  pulp, kicked and spat at by these separatist Canadian-Tamils day in and  day out for eight long days in the print and audio-visual media.

Enough was enough.  We took them on  to let the Canadians know   our side of the story.  Since 4 August 1983, I have been singing –  ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the Liar of them all.’ ever since.

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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