Power & Soros in Sri Lanka to press for Federal Constitution

U.S. Permanent Representative for the United Nations Samantha Power, Obama administration’s top foreign policy advocate is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka November 21-23. This is her second visit, the previous one being June 2010 during the Rajapaksa administration.

In January 2016, American multi billionaire George Soros is scheduled to visit Colombo – it is said – for an economic discourse.

Both visits are significant when both of them, since 2012, have been direct participants of UN-Department of Political Affairs- initiated ‘promotion of federalism’ in Third World nations envisaged to bifurcate nations on ethnic lines.

 The two visits are even further interesting when Colombo has an American diplomatic envoy – Atul Keshap – who is a strong believer of a federal structure in Sri Lanka. He has gone on record advocating the system.

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