Tamil Diaspora’s impediments to peace in Sri Lanka

Since LTTE emerged in 1972, it assassinated a president, a prime minister, Tamil and Sinhalese politicians, GOSL ministers and innocent Tamil and Sinhalese civilians.

It attempted to, but failed to assassinate Army Commander; Sarath Fonseka and former President, Chandrika Bandaranaike, but robbed several banks, exhorted money and gold from Tamil civilians, blew up multistorey buildings and destroyed billion dollars’ worth of Sri Lanka’s assets transforming the island into a key drug trafficking and dealing hub accruing bank accounts amounting to billions of dollars at local and foreign banks. Furthermore, LTTE destroyed more than 160km of railway line plus electricity HV lines and the related materials were taken for their use.

In 1995, LTTE took civilians of Jaffna as human shield and marched to the Vanni and Vavuniya establishing their own mushroom illiterate administration enforcing jungle law. Sri Lanka’s Government (GOSL) was too tolerant then endeavouring to obligate dialogues with LTTE to solve the dispute. GOSL was extremely broad-minded and understanding since the 1980s and struggled through various diplomatic routes in vein. Even in the early 21st century, a ceasefire agreement was placed to find a solution. LTTE took this opportunity to boost their strength assembling heavy weaponry and establishing an air force with a few small aircrafts.

During the period 1995 – 2009, more than 300,000+ Tamils in the Vanni were exploited as if they are slaves by the LTTE for their own advantage. No Tamil was able to flee and those who tried were killed. In May 2009 our current president freed the Tamils from LTTE bondage. The members of the LTTE (so called martyrs) were killed in confrontation with the Sri Lanka’s Army and since then Tamils want a peaceful living.

Logically, on a humanistic sociological and legal perspective, the LTTE cannot be treated as heroes and martyrs. Further, martyr’s day remembrance celebration is leading most young and old Tamils in Australia and Sri Lanka to a state of intoxication. Each year some Tamils students and Tamil radical politicians create issues in the North because of the LTTE terrorists hiding behind the term; ‘martyrs’. The LTTE fallen members did not defend a country or its people.
LTTE is banned in several countries as it was considered a terrorist group. It is not quite clear on what grounds LTTE terrorists are allowed to still conduct their activities.

Most countries will not allow people to have a Remembrance Day celebration for ‘Bin Laden’ and his associates!
Celebrating November 27 each year as a Remembrance Day on a wide scale constricts bringing in peace in the said region for the people. The recent uprise in 2012 is evident to this fact.
I need say no more that every government has the right and duty to protect sovereignty of the relevant country from subversive activities and terrorism.

We Tamils are so greedy and power-blinded that we want everything in Sri Lanka: 100% of the Tamils should gain employment in the government sector, all Tamil students should be admitted to the University and we want to enjoy power and wealth maximum. Likewise, wherever we migrate we want to engage there in politics and bring our own kith and kin legally or illegally to the same country. Most Tamils do not believe in ‘competition’ other than employing cunningness and power to eliminate the opponent.

We wanted a university and GOSL opened up a university. Now, some students of the University are engaged in separatism and acts of violence. This affects the rest of the students’ progress. Does the world want GOSL to turn a blind eye to separatism and violence while LTTE connected activities and propagandas are converting the University into a hall of subversive activities?

Foreign countries particularly the US should take into account that Tamils have formed several floating organisations of which TCC and TGTE are deemed impediments and encumbrances to the peace and stability of our beautiful island of paradise; Sri Lanka.

Tamils should know that they are not above the law. They should give up their rebellious separatist propaganda not only locally but also globally and work with the SL Government to bring peace in for the Sri Lankans.

Finally I place here a message that was relayed by JFK to the Americans, Tamil politicians and uncompromising Tamils and extremist students in Sri Lanka: “Ask not what the country has done for you; ask what you have done for the country”.

  • By  Kanthar P. Balanathan

Retired Director and  Specialist Power Systems Engineer, Melbourne, Australia


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