POST OF OPPOSITION LEADER – An Open Letter to the Speaker

Rear Admiral (Dr.) Sarath Weerasekera VSV,RWP,USP,Ndc,Psc 

2015 April 15th

To:  Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa,


Parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Hon. Speaker,


I write in regard to the proposal to designate Mr. R. Sampanthan Opposition Leader.  I am firmly opposed to any such step.  Mr. Sampanthan, both as a result of public statements made by him, as well as his membership in the Illangai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK), has identified himself with certain agendas antithetical to the State, and making him Opposition Leader will put him in a position to pursue those agendas with greater ease, to the detriment of the State.

I wish to place on record the following concerns, which I trust will inform any decision to appoint Mr. Sampanthan Opposition Leader.

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