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Sri Lanka Transitional Justice: Rehabilitation In Review – Analysis

By Salma Yusuf
Post–war rehabilitation of ex-combatants is a relatively new discipline in the field of international transitional justice. What is even newer is the increasing recognition of the inextricable link between successful rehabilitation programmes and the achievement of genuine and sustainable national reconciliation. In fact, rehabilitation programmes are now regarded as a sine qua non for any country emerging from the throes of an armed struggle.


Sri Lanka remains concerned of LTTE’s overseas financial network

 Aug 01, Washington, Dc: The government of Sri Lanka, although not immediately concerned over a possible resurgence of the defeated Tamil Tiger terrorist organization Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), remains concerned over its overseas financial network, a United States government report said.


Tamil man Dayan Anthony questioned, recants on torture claims

The first Tamil asylum seeker to be deported from Australia since the end of Sri Lanka’s 27-year civil conflict has recanted all claims of torture and mistreatment by Sri Lankan authorities in a government press conference held less than 24 hours after arriving back in Colombo.