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Tambimuttu drops bombshell Says provinces must go as they are impractical and security threat

Sri Lanka Freedom Party organiser for the Batticaloa District Arun Tambimuttu like his late father, assassinated TULF parliamentarian Sam Tambimuttu stands up for his convictions and does not mince his words when he says that the 13th Amendment and the provincial councils need to go as the time has come to evolve a more practical system of devolution and administration in their place.


Telling the Truth: The United Nations failed 20 million Sri Lankans

Exactly what is the UN’s game plan in continuously subjecting Sri Lanka to the wave of harassment it has been subject to increasing as a result of eliminating a terrorist organization when UN in 30 years had done pittance to bring the peace it is mandated to do?


Ambassador Jayatilleka rejects accusations

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in France  has described as ‘ridiculous’ the accusations made by certain pro-secessionist propagandist websites, according to which the military intelligence was behind the assassination of a former LTTE commander in France.


UN admits failure in Sri Lanka

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario .Canada

 November 15, 2012

 The Editor


 Dear Editor:

 Let’s get this story right about Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger separatist war once and for all.  It is not only the Tamil civilians who got killed, which is being blamed on the Sri Lankan Government soldiers, the Sinhalese and Muslim civilians  too were killed in the thousands by the Tamil Tigers, with machates, AK47s, claymore mines, suicide bombs, and other sophisticated war weapons.