LTTE LOBBY GROUP HIRED LAWYERS – Nava Wilson LLP Press Conference- Parliament Press Gallery

By Mahinda Gunasekera

The LTTE Rump remaining overseas and their fellow separatist travellers in the proxy political party, i.e. the TNA, functioning as the official opposition in Sri Lanka’s parliament are ever so busy with their ‘Circus of Lies’ to demonize Sri Lanka citing various bogus unsubstantiated reports prepared by biased media personnel and those linked to the UN with agendas against Sri Lanka based on motives of personal enrichment and links to the Tamil ethnic cause of a sovereign separate state which they lack despite the Tamils of Tamilnadu, in South India and others around the globe numbering nearly 100 million.   One such is Yasmin Sooka who receives financial benefits from the George Soros Foundation ( a close associate of Navi Pillai, a South African Tamil who was a former head of the UNHRC, whose community raised funds for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam- LTTE, and even ran military training camps for South African Tamil recruits to fight alongside the LTTE in Sri Lanka), Frances Harrison – former BBC correspondent who is a misguided supporter of the Tamils, Britain’s Channel 4, which produced fabricated videos, whose director, Stuart Cosgrove and his Tamil wife Shirani Sabaratnam working for the same TV Channel admitted to their entering the Tamil Tiger held territory in the Vanni to make propaganda videos supportive of the terrorist group and later deported from Sri Lanka. The huge sums of money held by the pro-LTTE organizations in the west and the rest of the global network by way of contributions made by Tamil supporters of their separatist cause, while the major portion has been raised through extortion of Tamil businessmen and others, plus monies raised through illicit drug and human smuggling, passport forgery, credit card,mortgage and insurance fraud, becomes a significant factor in their propaganda campaign to influence the media and INGO groups engaged in the HR industry. Video screened at the House of Commons in Ottawa could be accessed at the following link: .

The latest cry has been raised by 52 former Tamil Tiger fighters who had gained entry to the UK and Europe with forged documents after the armed conflict in Sri Lanka was brought to an end on May 19, 2009 following the military defeat of the LTTE which refused to surrender but fought to the finish, claiming that they had been tortured in Sri Lanka with hot irons and burning cigarette stubs, and added to which stated that they had been subjected to degrading sexual abuse by military and police personnel. It is a well known fact that those entering foreign countries illegally for economic reasons tend to cook up tales to win the sympathy of the immigration authorities. It is therefore not surprising to have those involved with an internationally designated terror group such as the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) subjecting themselves to being tortured possibly even paying for the scarring of their bodies to make a case for asylum. One among them, a woman Tamil Tiger fighter named Nandani, who had herself burnt in several locations of her body with burning cigarette stubs to join her Tamil Tiger boy friend who had earlier moved to the UK, cooked up a similar story of torture in Sri Lanka but was exposed by her mother and sister living in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, stating that Nandani had run off to South India without their knowledge where she married her man and had herself smuggled into the UK where she succeeded in gaining asylum.

There were nearly 12,000 former Tamil Tiger fighters who probably knew only the art of using of weapons and having had the experience in killing others,  who surrendered to the Sri Lanka Army at the conclusion of hostilities, at which point they underwent a rehabilitation program of about an year’s duration during which time they were trained in different life skills such as carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, computers, etc., which skills would enable them to fend for themselves on their release, never complained of torture or sexual abuse. Those who now claim in the UK of having been tortured and subjected to sexual abuse, and having had to pay large sums of money to have them released from custody, did not in a single instance file a case in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka under the Fundamental Rights Chapter and other existing protective laws or even report same to the Human Rights Council for investigation, as they could easily have had the services of a competent lawyer from the Tamil community itself or any other community to take up their case with the authorities. It is something the British authorities should investigate thoroughly as it will be a small price to pay for a member of a terrorist group to pay to gain admission to the country, thereby endangering the British public.

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