Look back at the reactions of the UN & International Community Jan-May 2009



The news reports of Sri Lanka’s military cum humanitarian rescue operation is poignant for several reasons. It provides us some real time news sans politicization & influence and now 10 years on it helps us to understand the scale of lies & hypocrisies that have been prevalent since June 2009.


31 January 2009

UN Secretary General commends Sri Lanka on efforts to release civilians in LTTE custody.

He said that the LTTE is bound to protect the rights of the civilians.

UNSG said the UN was ready to assist in any efforts to help these civilians.



5 February 2009

UN accepts Sri Lanka did not possess cluster bombs

UN spokesman in Colombo Gordon Weiss confirms that Sri Lanka has not bought or used cluster bombs in Sri Lanka. Weiss also informed that the UN has accepted the statement by Military Spokesman in this regard.



15 February 2009

British PM attacked on Lankan fiasco

Decision to appoint Des Brown as a special envoy to Sri Lanka has received adverse reactions from Britain’s Opposition Conservative Party Liam Fox.



16 February 2009

India tells LTTE to disarm and surrender

Indian External Affairs Minister P Chiddambaram tells LTTE to disarm & surrender. India chides LTTE for ignoring the 48hours given by the GOSL to release civilians kept by LTTE. All political parties in India including those supporting LTTE too feel it is now time for LTTE to lay down arms & surrender.



Protest against the British Government’s interference into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs in London

More than 5000 demonstrated including Buddhist, Catholic & Islamic clergy participated.



17 February 2009

EU condemns the appointment of a special representative by Britain

The appointment of Des Brown by Britain as a special envoy to Sri Lanka in the midst of a military operation is a violation of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty was the statement made by EU against Britain.



17 February 2009

UN says LTTE should stop recruitment of civilians

UN demands LTTE stop recruitment of civilians especially children. Poignant that the UN mentions the figure of 100,000 civilians. UN also accuses LTTE of keeping UN workers & their families. UN also cites some civilians facing health issues too.



17 February 2009

World Children’s Fund stresses that LTTE child conscription should be stopped

The WFP demands LTTE stop recruiting children as child soldiers some even younger than 14 years. LTTE has conscripted over 6000 children since 2003



19 February 2009

UN Under Secretary General calls on LTTE to free civilians

UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes arrived in Sri Lanka on invitation of the Sri Lankan Government. A press conference held reiterated Holmes request for LTTE to release civilians.


20 February 2009

UN representative monitors displaced civilians who say they are satisfied with relief measures

Civilians at the Social Welfare Camps in Vavuniya speaking to UN Deputy Secretary General John Holmes voiced satisfaction for the relief given by the GOSL. School children speaking to Holmes said they were given opportunity to pursue studies and a vocational training school had been launched in Menik Farm camp



23 February 2009

Japan slams LTTE for using humanitarian issues to promote military offensive

Japans Ambassador  & President of the UNSC Yukio Takasu decried the Tamil tigers for exploiting humanitarian issues. The UNSC also spoke on the situation faced by civilians in the Wanni and LTTE was using this situation as a ruse for its own objectives.




24 February 2009

United Nations and the European Union calls on LTTE to disarm and renounce violence.

EU has said a ceasefire is only possible if LTTE disarms and renounce violence and stop recruiting children. GOSL reiterates that the military operation is against LTTE not civilians and the humanitarian operation is for the civilians not LTTE.




28 February 2009

UN Ambassadors say LTTE should disarm

UN Ambassadors call upon LTTE to unconditionally lay down arms & free civilians in their detention. Japan as President of the UNSC told reporters that LTTE is banned internationally and should stop killings. UNSC members said the issue is Sri Lanka’s internal problem.



28 February 2009

UN Under Secretary General tells UNSC that LTTE must free civilians & no ceasefire to bail LTTE

UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Sir John Holmes on an invitation of the GOSL appealed to those with influence over LTTE to force them to release civilians. Holmes was critical of LTTE not allowing civilians to leave the conflict area. Holmes said the transit camps were ‘reasonably well’



1 March 2009

British MP Keith Vaz pledges not to express pro-LTTE views

He apologized if he had done harm to Sri Lanka. Leicester Police arrested 4 pro-LTTE for attempting to sabotage the demonstration.



11 March 2009

Britain condemns the LTTE suicide attack in Akuressa

Lord Malloch Brown, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister of State in Britain has condemned the suicide attack in Matara



13 March 2009

EU Parliament condemn LTTE violence & intimidation

EU adopted a resolution condemning LTTE.

EU MP Jeoffrey Van Orden said LTTE is engaged in a desperate game and called on LTTE to release civilians.

EU Parliamentarian Charles Tannock pointed out that they should be resolute in their support for President Rajapakse.

European MP Jo Leinen was of the view that the LTTE should lay down arms renouncing terrorism to enthrone peace.

Parliamentarian Ferraro   Waldner claimed that the LTTE had ignored the call to lay down arms.



16 March 2009

UN accuses LTTE of conscripting UN staffers

UN accused LTTE of seizing its staff & forcing them to work for LTTE – one staff member & 3 members of his family including a 16year old girl. Another UN staffer is yet to be released.



19 March 2009

UN debunks report of Human Rights Commissioner

The UNHRC head Navi Pillay’s special statement was based on information from pro-LTTE website though the GOSL strongly opposed the statement.



21 March 2009

Australia condemns LTTE terror tactics

The Australian Government in a statement by Foreign Minister Stephan Smith condemned LTTE terror tactics and demanded the immediate release of civilians in their custody.



23 March 2009

Majority of UN members against throwing lifeline to terrorists

Co-Chairs of Sri Lanka’s peace process in their last statement called on LTTE to discuss surrender modalities & accept amnesty. The diplomats also stated that LTTE was blocking civilians trying to escape LTTE to safety and the LTTE was abusing the food & medicine supplies sent by the GOSL.



27 March 2009

UNSC tells LTTE to disarm or perish

Under Secretary General Sir John Holmes and Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the UN H.M.G.S. Palihakkara talked to members of the UN Security Council on the plight of the civilians held by the LTTE as human shields. Key UNSC members speaking to the media called on the LTTE to disarm and surrender as the quickest way to end the conflict.


3 April 2009

UNSC says good cooperation with Sri Lanka

The UN Security Council says it has very good cooperation with the Sri Lankan Government on the humanitarian situation in the island.

President of the UNSC Ambassador Claude Heller of Mexico said the Council in recent weeks had interactive briefings of great value from Sri Lankan officials on the humanitarian issue.



4 April 2009

UN Special Representative for internally displaced persons, Walter Kalin praises facilities provided to civilians  

Walter Kalin lauded the welfare facilities including food, granted to about 60,000 civilians who have fled from LTTE hellholes. He praised the Governments efforts to direct young men and women to earn an income. Walter Kalin toured the social welfare transitional village at Kadirgarmarpuram in Chettikulam. He exchanged views with the civilians and inquired into their problems. The civilians said the Government was meeting all their requirements. He also visited the Omanthai area.



4 April 2009

UN issues ultimatum to LTTE to free civilians kept as human shields

A strongly worded statement read out by UN Spokes-person Michelle Montas, UN Chief Ban Ki Moon again warned the LTTE to permit the civilians to leave the conflict area at their own free will. Severe restrictions of the LTTE on freedom of movement violate international law. The UN Chief is deeply distressed by continuing reports from the Wanni region that civilians are at extreme risk. The Secretary General deplored the forced recruitment of civilians, particularly children. Observers in New York said this is the strongest condemnation made by the UN.



5 April 2009

Co-Chairs (US, Norway, Japan, EU) order LTTE to free civilians kept as hostages.

Norwegian Embassy sources said Norwegian Minister for International Affairs Eric Solheim has given notice to Nadesan. Solheim has emphasised to the LTTE that more attention should be adverted to safeguarding human rights, fulfilling humanitarian needs and granting necessary facilities to the civilians.


15 April 2009

The Hindu – No right for the LTTE to enter No Fire Zone with weapons  

The Indian newspaper – Hindu says the LTTE, facing annihilation, had no moral right to move into the No Fire Zone with heavy weapons and use civilians as a last ditch shield.

The Hindu stated that there can be no other explanation for the LTTEs refusal to heed international humanitarian appeals. The civilians who had escaped to Government controlled areas give the lie to the LTTEs claim that the Tamil people are staying with them voluntarily. The UN Chief wanted international pressure exerted on the LTTE to allow civilians wishing to leave the conflict zone to do so without hindrance. That is the real solution to the humanitarian crisis. The Indian paper added it will inevitably mean the final defeat of, or surrender by, the LTTE leaders.


16 April 2009

UK and France call on the LTTE to release human shields, disarm and surrender

In a joint statement on Sri Lanka, British Foreign Secretary David Milliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner welcomed the halt announced by the Sri Lankan Government to defensive operations. They said it did not bring the civilians out as expected since it was clear that the LTTE had been forcefully preventing them from leaving the No Fire Zone.


18 April 2009

UNHCR calls on the LTTE to release civilians

The United Nations Humanitarian Agency has called on the LTTE to immediately allow civilians in the conflict zone to move to areas where they feel safe.

The UN agency commended the Sri Lankan Governments initiative to improve conditions in transitional villages sheltering displaced persons. UNHCR Spokesman Ron Redmond welcomed the positive steps taken by the Government to address several protection concerns at the sites in Vavuniya. He told reporters that short visits by friends and relatives to the sites are now allowed and it monitored the first round of visits. He urged international organsiations to help in the de-mining process in cleared areas to facilitate the speedy re-settlement of the displaced persons.


18 April 2009

Links between LTTE and NGOs uncovered

President Rajapakse during his visit to Kilinochchi said he saw no development and queried about the large funds secured from abroad and said that LTTE had built bunkers from these funds. He said he saw Tamilselvans house and his bunker. The iron, cement & other building material used to make palatial houses for LTTE leaders was from funds sent to the people but no roads, nos he was able to notice that no development had taken place. He queried as to what had happened to the large funds secured from abroad as well as given by the government? He said the LTTE had built bunkers with these funds. He had a view of the house and the bunker of Thamil Shelvam. The iron, cement and all the other building material had been used to build bunkers and palatial houses for the LTTE leaders. No roads or schools had been built. But the NGOS were always active in the area.



19 April 2009

President tells those influencing him to influence LTTE to free civilians:

President Rajapakse has said that his govt has undertaken work on mega projects to areas that had been neglected. He said some foreigners asked him to stop the offensive but his response to them was to ask them to tell LTTE to release the civilians.


23 April 2009

UN Security Council demands LTTE release civilians, disarm and surrender

President of the UN Security Council Claude Heller addressing the media following an informal meeting of the Security Council. International media including the BBC had announced the Security Council statement. At the meeting, the security exchanged views on the LTTE activities and the programme mooted by the Sri Lankan Government. The Security Council President demanded the LTTE to immediately prevent using innocent civilians as human guards.



29 April 2009

British and French Ministers told that civilians will not be harmed

President Rajapaksa assured British Foreign Secretary David Milliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner that no civilians will be harmed.


29 April 2009

No need for the international community to protect Prabhakaran: British & French Ministers.

British and French Foreign Ministers have emphasised that there is no need for the international community to protect the LTTE. Noteworthy is that by end April 2009 about 200,000 civilians had been saved.


29 April 2009

British and French Ministers praise facilities provided for civilians

British Foreign Secretary David Milliband and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner toured the welfare camps. A Tamil civilian told the French foreign minister that LTTE kept them as unofficial prisoners for years and now they are breathing relief.



3 May 2009

Sri Lanka’s future is secure – Japan’s Akashi

Japans Special Representative Yasushi Akashi said that Sri Lanka’s future is secure under the present leadership. He expressed delight that the Government had already unveiled a resettlement programme in the North. He was confident that the Government would be able to complete about 80 percent of the resettlement by December. Thereafter, the civilians who are being sheltered in welfare camps will be able to lead a normal life. Mr. Akashi expressed Japans willingness to support the Sri Lankan Government in these endeavours.


27 May 2009

Sri Lanka Prevails at UNHRC


UN Human Rights Council 11th Special Session adopting Resolution on Assistance to Sri Lanka in Promotion and Protection of Human Rights

  • Encouraged GOSL to continue to pursue existing cooperation with relevant UN organizations basic humanitarian assistance – safe drinking water, sanitation, food, medical and health care services to IDPs
  • Urged GOSL to strengthen activities to ensure no discrimination against ethnic minorities (this is where GOSL failed to correct the wrong assumption)
  • Resolution was voted 29 in favour – 12 against – 6 abstained.
  • The UNHRC commended Sri Lanka for the measures taken to address IDPs


As the news releases from January to May 2009 reveal every allegation is against LTTE and not the Sri Lankan troops. However since end of conflict everything has turned upside down simply because of lobbying as a result of the power of money & geopolitics. Truth has got hidden and fabrications, lies and hypocrisies prevail.


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