Country at decisive point – Prof Amarasekera

The Federation of National Organizations states that the country is now facing a time that is more decisive than the time during the war. Convenor of the Federation Professor Gunadasa Amarasekera made this statement while participating in a ceremony in Colombo yesterday. Several representatives participated in the event titled ‘Let us not allow a new Eelam plan’.

“This trap called the 13th Amendment was set up by India. Many people came to Sri Lanka for this. Krishnan came. Menon came. Swaraj came. They all said to implement the 13th Amendment as fast as possible.’’ 

 “The country has reached a decisive point at the moment. I believe we did not face such a decisive moment when we were fighting with Prabahakaran. We are now faced with an even more decisive moment. In short, I believe that the country’s future will be resolved at this momentous time,’’ stated Professor Gunadasa Amarasekara

’’Now it is India that is telling us to implement the 13th Amendment. When was India a friend of ours? They have been our enemies since the very beginning. Therefore, if we call an enemy our friend we have no hope.’’
 “If we are to free from this situation our leaders have to stop their corrupt practices. That is essential. It is because this situation has arisen,’’ stated S.L. Gunasekera

Written by  The Nation , Sunday, 22 July 2012

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