Yearly Archive: 2017


Pablo di Greiff ‘s visit to Sri Lanka and Transitional Justice

By Neville Ladduwahetty UN Special Rapporteur, Pablo de Greiff, at a media briefing following his 14-day visit to Sri Lanka stated: “Sri Lanka continues to deprive itself of the benefits of Transitional Justice”. Before addressing the benefits of Transitional Justice, certain fundamentals need to be clarified. Some of these fundamentals...


US company’s “Sri Lanka 2017 Country Review” challenged: full of errors, disinformation says Global SL Forum

Ranjith Soysa SPOKESPERSON Media release Sri Lanka 2017 Country Review,” one of many country reports   published by CountryWatch, a prominent US-based information provider to universities, government agencies, libraries etc., is so full of disinformation, errors, and outdated information that the Global Sri Lankan Forum (GSLF) decided to re-examine and discuss...


Lord Naseby, the mythical 40,000 and the feel-good factor

By Sanja De Silva Jayatilleka Engaging in arguments and debates in the international domain over the number of civilians who may have died at a particular time in the country will not help resolve any issues, in a meaningful manner, locally, except a feel good factor for a few individuals who may think...