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The report of the OHCHR- investigation is to be discussed by the Human Rights Council on 30th September, and also to be released to the public before that.  It is possible to predict what will be in it, because of the recent proposal by the United States, the chief-sponsor of the investigation, to introduce a ‘collaborative resolution’ with the Government agreeing to a domestic inquiry.

In my view, the proposal for a new domestic inquiry is a trap, far more dangerous than anything hitherto sprung on Sri Lanka in Geneva.  It is designed to pave the way for a ‘fishing expedition’ that will generate evidence to be used against this country at international venues, evidence that could not be generated by the present investigation.

In this article, I make two predictions about the upcoming report, explain the reason for the demand for a new domestic inquiry, and suggest some counter-measures.


Zeid Al-Hussein’s Remarks & Mangala’s Geneva Speech

Makes me sick, motherf*****, how far we done fell.” – Detective ‘Bunk’ Moreland to Omar in ‘The Wire’

UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, referring to the Report on Sri Lanka which he plans to release on Wednesday, made comments which are dangerous, saying:

“…Its findings are of the most serious nature. I welcome the vision shown by President Sirisena since his election in January 2015, and the commitments made by the new Government under his leadership. But this Council owes it to Sri Lankans – and to its own credibility – to ensure an accountability process that produces results, decisively moves beyond the failures of the past, and brings the deep institutional changes needed to guarantee non-recurrence”.


Lalin’s Column : Absolutely Foreign Affairs

By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando  Courtesy Asian Tribune

SL’s Foreign Minister (FM) is taking giant strides to make a good impression with the West that looks for weaknesses in ‘unfriendly’ (to the Western ‘World’) governments like SL’s last one. He seems to be succeeding. After the Presidential Election (Jan 2015) he together with the Justice Minister said there had been an attempted Coup. Large numbers believed them. The PM said nothing. Nothing happened.

Then speaking about Foreign Policy (Mirror; 24 Apr 15) the FM said SL was connecting with the main power centers of the world being New Delhi, (naturally first now) Brussels, Washington (slightly hidden) London and China-4 cities and one huge country. That China too had a capital city Beijing may have skipped him. Somehow he forgot Russia the biggest country in the world, with its capital named Moscow. The friendly West SL’s latest good friends that until very recently were determined to hang and quarter it in Geneva must have been elated. “Good boy old chap” they must have said of SL’ FM. China and Russia were always SL’s very good friend but not now. How very odd.