Wigneswaran’s request for incorporation in the Constitution

By Asoka Weerasinghe


26 February 2017


Hon. Canagasabapathy Viswalingam Wigneswaran

Chief Minister of Northern Provincial Council

Chief Minister’s Office

Kandy Road


Sri Lanka.


Dear CM Wigneswaran:


I was somewhat concerned when I read your statement “….because our people would be slowly but steadily chased out from their places of residence like how the Tamils in the Provinces south of the Northern Province were progressively chased out after Independence…..Hence, the recognition of the North and East as traditionally Tamil speaking areas is a must in the Constitution.”


I am confused Chief Minister (CM)! Were your parents “…slowly but steadily chased out from their places of residence” in Manipay, for you to end up in Colombo via Kurunegala, and Anuradhapura where your Dad worked! CM, what on earth are you complaining about? If not for being slowly but steadily chased out, you wouldn’t have had your education at Royal College in Colombo and entered Law College in Colombo to pursue a career in Law and ended up as a Judge of the District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court before you retired. Come on, CM, don’t be another damn Tamil yellow bellied humbug cry baby! Give me a break!


You certainly were disingenuous with that complaint. The fact that you hid from the world was, when your Tamil people were progressively chased out after Independence….. they were certainly not chased to their Motherland India across 18 miles of salt water where over 50 million (1950s) of your kith and kin of your clan with three horizontal stripes of ash on their foreheads lived. But if they were indeed chased, they were chased to the south so that they could live happily ever after among the gentle majority Sinhalese in the capital region of Colombo, homesteading in places like Wellawatta, Kotahena and Grandpass.   For Pete’s sake CM, stop trying to fool the world. Tell the world that 75% of the rich real estate in Wellawatta, a suburb of the capital Colombo, are owned by your Tamil people and 41% of the population of the capital Colombo are now populated by your Tamil clan. For God’s sake, be honest. Polish your Red-Third-Eye with neutral Kiwi shoes polish so that you could see the facts better, and don’t let senility numb your faculty of honesty and sensibility.


No sooner I read your statement of insanity, I Googled your name and looked at your portrait of the present and one of a yesteryear.

Do you know what I observed? There is a change in the length of your nose. Have you noticed it? I hope it is not a serious ailment which might deface your handsome bearded face.


My suggestion to you is to polish your Red-Third-Eye between your eye brows with Neutral Kiwi shoe polish to give a radiant shine to your once handsome face, trim your beard, and then go your mirror and look at your nose to see whether you see any distortion in its length. Before you do that ask the Mirror…”Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the Liar of them all?” And if the Mirror without hesitation says “You”, then you know what the problem with your nose is, don’t you? I bet you are being afflicted with the Pinnochio-Syndrome. This syndrome is a curse affected to all God damn Liars.


CM, while you were pursuing your studies to become a lawyer you missed some facts about Tamil ethnic cleansing, which will help you to withdraw and change your stance being a mischievous anti-Sinhala racist Fairy Tale story-teller, notwithstanding that your two sons are married to two beautiful Sinhalese women.


After reading and studying the facts that I will lay out to you for your benefit, being a lawyer I pray that you make a judicious evaluation on your racist demeanour, and that you won’t ever…ever… point your finger at my people, the Sinhalese, who have not demanded that your Tamils bugger-off to the North from the rest of the island with their back-packs carrying their pots and pan.


Remember, CM, we Sinhalese have hearts of affection and caring, who cooked a million hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day after 19 May 2009, and fed your 295,873 Tamil refugees who were rescued by Sinhalese soldiers from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who used them as a human shield for 30 long months under the scorching Jaffna sun in the early 2009.   Don’t you ever forget it.  Especially, when the Sinhalese soldiers carried your elderly Tamil grandfathers and grandmothers in their arms like babies and carried them to safety dodging your Tamil Tiger bullets. And a feeble grandmother planting a kiss on a brave Sinhalese soldier’s cheek saying “Puthata Thun Saranai” (Son, may the Triple Gem Bless you).



CM, you wouldn’t have a clue of this Fact as you were a Colombo elitist preoccupied with your legal carrier clawing your way up the ladder of success. You wouldn’t have cared two dumplings of dried Manipay cow-dung about your own people (Tamils), let alone my people (Sinhalese).


Between 1971 and 1981 the Tamils terrorised and chased 27,000 members of my majority Sinhalese community who had lived in the North of the island for generations.   They were mainly the bakers, the jewellers and carpenters. So with that ethnic cleansing shutters came down at the famous Chandra Bakery, Sunil Bakers, Kandy Bakers, Kumari Jewellers, Hondha Sinhala The Kade, We Do It All Appuhamy Carpenters and Silva Spice Mills, etc.


CM, tuck that fact into a corner of your brain and tune-in before your decide to belly ache like a confounded Humbug about my Sinhala people;



In August 1977 you were too wrapped up in your career trying to claw up the ladder to reach the top of the rung to become a Justice in the Supreme Court, and you couldn’t care two smelly puffs as to what was going on at the Jaffna University Campus.


Here’s what happened CM. Your separatist Tamils stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers off the campus and out of town. They were transported South in buses escorted by the army and police. They had to lay prostrate on the floor of the buses to dodge the stone-missiles that were storming at them like demala-meteorites.


You know what that was all about, don’t you? To claim the false gingerly-oil sniffing purity of the Tamil-speaking North, and that the peninsula’s rich toddy tapping palm-trees real estate belonged to your clan. What baloney CM. You guys are nuts.


And you have the gall and temerity to claim the right to this North and East lands by saying “….hence, the recognition of the North and East as traditionally Tamil speaking areas is a must in the Constitution.” CM, you didn’t have the guts and the backbone to say, “…hence, the recognition of the North and East as traditionally Tamil speaking having cleansed these provinces by stoning and chasing out the Sinhalese speaking peoples who had lived there for generations, is a must in the Constitution.” Little wonder why I noticed the inch longer nose in that recent portrait of yours.


Let me sing my personal Anthem to you. Enjoy it.


“This land is My land

and this land is Your land

from Dondra Head to Delft Island,

from the Teak forests

to the Palk Strait waters

Sri Lanka was made for Me and You.


As I was walking that A9 Highway

I saw above me the endless skyway,

to my right the Toppigala jungle,

this land was made for Me and You.


When the sun was rising

and I was strolling

and the paddy fields waving

and the mist shroud rolling

as the mist was lifting

a pretty voice was chanting

this land was made for Me and You.


As I continued walking

I met a street sign which said

“Welcome to Jaffna

a true multi-ethnic community”

and that was proof enough

for me to be happily say

Sri Lanka was made for Me and You.


No body can ever stop me

when I keep walking along

the A9 Highway

not even Tamil-Wiggy

can ever turn me back

as Sri Lanka was made

for Me and You.



Take a bow Chief Minister Wigneswaran.   I hereby confer on you with the Title of the Promoter-Maestro of Tamil Ethnic Cleansing of the North


Did you know or were you oblivious when in October 1990, you Tamils acted as cruel, gut-wrenching pariahs, when the members of your Demala-clan cleansed the Jaffna peninsula of just over 81,000 Muslims who had lived there for generations, thus purifying the peninsula for Tamils Only, and with it elevating Uganda’s Idi Amin as a Saint.


These are the Tamils who thumbed their noses at their Mother India when flying over her, fanning out around the globe in search of greener pastures telling that they were running away from the majority Sinhalese who were persecuting and discriminating them.


You know what CM. These are the Tamils who get on the first flight back to Sri Lanka when they become permanent residents with a Canadian passport. These are the Tamils who are still on a refugee status who came to the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa in the early 90s, in October, November and December each year to get travel documents to return to Sri Lanka for three to four weeks.


Do you know why these scammers want to return to Sri Lanka for a short holiday to the country that they ran away from? These are the three months when the Tamil parents get afflicted with the cancer epidemic. The sons and daughters come to the Mission with telegrams in their hands saying – Come home immediately father dying of cancer; Come immediately. Mother in her last days dying of Cancer, et cetera.


Don’t you think it is strange that only parents of the Tamil Convention Refugees contract the killer cancer bug every October, November and December and not the Sinhalese, Muslims or the Burghers. I dealt with these cases as I was employed at the Sri Lanka High Commission in early 1990s.


Getting back to the ethnic cleansing of the Muslims from the North of the island by the Tamil (Tigers), it was in October 1990 that the Tamil Tigers forcibly expelled the Muslim peoples from the Northern Province. Over 81,000 of them.   These Tamil rascals of yours were sick, weren’t they? These Muslims had lived in the North for centuries. No kidding! The Tamils uprooted them at gun point. Driving them away giving them hours to leave town having been deprived of their cash, and jewellery. These Tamils were a despicable bunch of brutes.


This ethnic cleansing began at Chavakachcheri on October 15th and ended in Jaffna Town on October 30th. CM, you didn’t know this did you. It was a brutal way to claim your false Tamil speaking enclaves, pretending to the world that this is our Tamil second homeland, the first being Tamil Nadu where 77 million of our kith and kin live.


When the entire exercise at each village did take less than 3 days to chase out the Muslim population when Idi Amin gave the Ugandan-Indians three months to leave. That was the reason why I commented that you Northern Tamils elevated Idi Amin as a Saint.  That guy had a heart.


You claim of “Hence, the recognition of the North and East as traditionally Tamil speaking areas is a must in the Constitution” I say Holy crap Sri Lanka, don’t be so damn foolish.


Enough is enough Chief Minister Wigneswaran. Let’s cut out this crap.   You guys are no good thugs and rogues. I as a Sinhalese got a stake in Jaffna as much you got a stake in Colombo. What is so big about you to have a claim to Jaffna as well as Colombo and I have no claim for at least one square- inch of Jaffna which is part of My and Your Sri Lanka. Right!   You are the Judge and not me. I am just a juror studying clinically the Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s shenanigans. I cringe!


Now just a friendly suggestion, keep an eye on your nose. Measure it every morning when you wake up to find out whether it has grown any longer. In Pinocchio-syndrome patients, the nose grows in millimetres.



Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)


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