The Dharmavijaya Foundation, with funds made available by the liquidated Water Decade Service, will be completing a Project to supply clean water to 252 families in the Sandamaleliya village in Tantirimale of the NCP, which is a CKD affected area.

Under this proposal which we are implementing with very close collaboration with the Water Board and its regional outfit at Anuradhapura, purified water will be supplied regularly to the families by bowser from the Water Purification Plant, Oyamaduwa, which is  under the Water Board.

DVF contribution is to supply 84 numbers1000 litres capacity storage tanks and concrete hume pipe stands, which will be placed on locations decided by the Water Board. Each storage tank will meet the needs of two/three families for about a week. The cost of the Project is between 1.6 to 1.7 million rupees. A contribution of Rs. 266,000 to supplement Rs. 1.5 million received from the liquidator was made to the DVF from SPUR Victoria . The local coordination is done by the Sandamaleliya Dharmavijaya Samajaya.  The beneficiaries of the Project have been convened for a meeting at Sandamaleliya on the 8th instant.  This Project is due for completion by end January.

Some of the information in the leaflet prepared for printing in 2011 was obsolete and I am now in touch with the Ministry of Health to get the latest data regarding the incidence of CKD. We also found that the original brochure was of low resolution and the work is in hand to get it rectified. We shall be completing the printing of the brochure before completion of the Sandamaleliya Project.

From the newspapers:

The Island, 22nd. October 2012

Kidney Disease Linked to Pesticides

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