Vaiko, a Telugu Naidu (robot) wasting his useful life

By Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

Vaiko is an attorney from Tamil Nadu who founded a political party called MDMK, but failed in his political career in Tamil Nadu. He played his stunt activities by supporting various other prominent parties, even then he could not gain at least a 1 % of prominence in the Tamil Nadu Government. The assumption now is that he has become a ROBOT that executes orders given by a program or power. He may be an educated fool to behave like a robot without realising the consequences.

Quote from web “V. Gopalsamy, also known as Vaiko, is a prominent politician in Tamil Nadu, in south India. He was born in Kallingappatti, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu in 1944. His origin is from the Telugu speaking Kamma (Naidu) community of Andhra Pradesh. His ancestors migrated to Tamil Nadu during the Vijaynagar period. He is the founder of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, a political party that espouses the cause of the Tamil people and Tamil nationalism. He is known to be a supporter of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which is banned as a terrorist organisation in 32 countries including India, as a result he was arrested under the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA) in 2002 and once-again on 23 October 2008 for sedition.”


Every failed politician in Tamil Nadu is carrying a flag called, “Tamil Eelam”, with an imprudent assumption that it will give influence and credence to their political advancement. Vaiko is number one in the run. Seaman and some other jokers are also on the run. Tamil Diaspora from SriLanka have an immature idea that if Vaiko speaks at the UNHRC, it will add to their claims. Final result will be that they have only reduced the capital in their coffer. It would have been wise if they could spend the funds to develop the N&E. The capital idiocy is that the Tamil politicians and Diaspora want SriLanka to pay for everything, and at the same time they want separation (Tamil Eelam). Fundamentally it indicates that the Tamils from SriLanka and the Tamil Diaspora including TGTE are ignorant, ill-informed, and incompetent to handle their political issues. This goes to Sambanthar and Vigneswaran.

Vaiko’ s ancestry who is domiciled in Tamil Nadu hails from Andra. Who is dominating Tamil Nadu?

The answer: Are there only 39.5% Tamils in Tamil Nadu while Telugu people are about 41%?


Reading the contents of the above will give some knowledge about Tamil Nadu. Tamils are a minority in their own state (Tamil Nadu). The Chief Minister elected may be a Telugu, Malayali, or Karnataka. For the Tamil Nadu people, caste is more important than language. The Muslims in Tamil Nadu speak quite a good Tamil than any Tamilian.

What is the objective of Vaiko attending the UNHRC.

How long are the Tamils plan to invite Tamil Nadu people to support them. Tamil Nadu is changing to be part of Andrapradesh where Hindi will reinforce to be the language of TN in the future. Vision and mission of Delhi is to bring Hindi the language of India.

It is an observation that Vaiko and the Tamil Diaspora are cowards, who have no ability to speak, but converted ROBOTS to be programmed by foreign powers for their own advantage.

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