“Udarai Oba” from Arrya Foundation

The third “Udarai Oba ” program will be held on the 3rd of March, at Boyagane ( Kurunegla ) Vijayabahu Regiment.
This will be the last program for the first half of 2018.ARRYA Foundation, founded with the intention of looking after the welfare of the disabled soldiers and the families of the soldiers killed during the war.Details of the next  program is attached for your reference. ( Letters from ARRYA FoundationSL Army Vijayabhahu Regiment, List of items required ).There are 2526  disabled soldiers attached to the regiment.3007 soldiers of this regiment died during the war. ( one soldier who was taking treatment at Ranaviru Sevana died this week )
ARRYA Foundation request from you to be a part of this by donating the listed items, if possible.(Paralympic wheelchairs, artificial limbs, air conditioners , multi media projector )
Most of you have helped us for  other programs and I ask from those, to pass this email/msg to other Sri Lankans whom you think would like to help.
If anyone wishes to send ARRYA Foundation money to purchase any item.
Please  bank ac details below
Arrya Foundation
Commercial Bank
Ac -1106028700

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