Tamil nationalism, LTTE separatism and “West’s Eelam – who has now hijacked the pillow?

By  Shenali D Waduge

“I am a traitor to Tamils”

A slipper garland – Jaffna (May 2020)

Tamil nationalism bordering separatism was birthed by Tamil political leaders and not LTTE. LTTE only hijacked it as a camouflage to justify its existence and Tamil political leaders decided to plug themselves to LTTE, thinking that LTTE would achieve militarily what they could not politically. Far more than the actual realization of the objective was the lucrative gains that Tamil political leaders and LTTE terrorists were able to milk out of the Eelam cow. In this scenario, it was only natural that sets of others would join to fast forward their own agendas. How has this Tamil-nationalism-separatism-LTTE separatism pillow has passed from different hands over the years? With the Tamil political leaders initially poo-pooing nationalist-separatism all dead, with LTTE leadership all dead, who now owns the pillow and manipulates the Eelam quest?

Tamil separate state quest was birthed in 1949 with the creation of ITAK clearly nullifying the baseless argument that Tamils sought separate state because of Sinhala discrimination. In fact, it was Tamils themselves that weathered the seas to travel to London to beg the UK Privy Council to annul the 1957 Social Disabilities Act that allowed Tamil low castes to obtain basic education and this came a year before the infamous Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Act which had nothing to do with rectifying language issue but sought devolution.

Thus, the quest for a separate state was plugged into the overall plan of ‘ask a little now and more later’ strategy. It was these same elites that objected to school standardization in 1970s where again it meant low caste Tamils could gain university entrance which meant the elite Tamil monopoly was getting reduced.

LTTE only came into the scene in 1972 firstly using name Tamil New Tigers, incidentally timed to coincide with the first Republican constitution while TNT was rechristened LTTE in 1976 the year the Tamil politicians officially called for a Tamil separate state and inferred that Tamil youth should take to arms via the Vaddukoddai Resolution https://www.sangam.org/FB_HIST_DOCS/vaddukod.htm

All these are nicely hidden by a well-designed propaganda of crocodile tears claiming Sinhalese were discriminating totally ignoring the level of humiliation high caste Tamils were subjecting the low caste Tamils because of the caste system. It was in 1920 that Tamil legislator Ramanathan led 2 delegations to Colonial Office in London demanding encoding of Caste into legislative enactments in Ceylon.

Until we come to the roots of the problem and be genuine and honest enough to call a spade a spade the reconciliation, peaceful-coexistence are just sham shows to cover the truth.

Let us ask some bold questions.

Who wants Eelam a separate Tamil Only state in Sri Lanka?

Is it all the Tamils?If some, how many? Is it Tamils living overseas – if so, are they planning to return, if not, why are they calling for a separate state, they don’t plan to live in?

How can demands of people living overseas be accepted as the voice of people in Sri Lanka? So far other than a few TNA collected demonstrators we have hardly seen more than 100 even commemorating LTTE/Prabakaran for Mahaveer Naal.

Is it West?If so, why? Is it part of their pivot to Asia, a means to turn North into a base in South Asia, a plot to eventually balkanize India? This explains why LTTE fronts are all operating from Western countries 24×7 demonizing Sri Lanka diplomatically and using UN/UNHRC to slap Sri Lanka with resolutions. LTTE diaspora are their quislings to realize their hidden objective. Isn’t this why a Swiss court ruled LTTE was not a terrorist organization. But the same entity killed a foreign leader inside his own country (Rajiv Gandhi assassinated by LTTE on contract in 1991)

All of the demands – demlilitaization, removal of military camps from North & East, separate Land & Police powers, devolution, right to directly liaise with foreign aid agencies and diplomats, self-determination are all beneficial not to the ordinary Tamil people but nicely fit into a separate state occupied by foreigners and run by Tamil quislings for the West.

All these solutions have nothing for the real victims be they Sinhalese, Muslims or even Tamils including India.

Even the LTTE former combatants promised the sun and the moon are today just outcasts in their own society.Most treat them as having ‘failed the cause’. Many are finding solace among the Sinhalese who realize they too have been victims.

In all this the politicians of the LTTE propped party have gotten away not only fooling the Tamils but fooling their handlers. Of course in this game of deceit all are taking each other for a ride be they Western power houses, INGOs, NGOs, civil society etc. All are trying to make the most for themselves.

It is in this scenario that we have to now wonder who is steering TNA, Wigneswaran, Ananthy, LTTE Diaspora and all other Tamils claiming to represent Tamils. By steering, the question is who has “bought” them – India, West, foreign intel, anyone else? Are they all acting individual roles as per wishes of their handlers or are the handlers at odds with one another?

In January 2015 a regime took place with the assistance of TNA who gave orders for Tamils to vote Sirisena as President. The regime change was backed by West and India. A lot has changed since.

In February 2015 hardly 2 months after TNA supported regime change, Sumanthiran’s & Sambanthan’s effigies were burnt. Toasted in January, both Sumanthiran and Sambanthan were roasted by Tamils in the UK.

Why would some pro-LTTE Diaspora (TYO & BTF) suddenly turn against Sambanthan and Sumanthiran? It has to be more than them attending the independence day celebrations! Days earlier (21Feb2015) in Jaffna too, demonstrators shouted slogans against the same duo & had their effigies ready to burn too. How did Ananthy Sasitharan, wife of Elilan suddenly have powers to decide who was a traitor & burn their effigies? Wigneswaran was one-time part of TNA and now parted ways. Sasitharan was also with TNA and now on her own. Though Sumanthiran is part of TNA, he had no direct links to Prabakaran, his clan or the TNA politicians working under LTTE. Neelan Tiruchelvan was killed because he was using Tamil nationalism for an external agenda. Sumanthiran fits well into that category. Christian import Chelvanayagam ruled over the Tamil Hindus and dragged them into divisive politics. Secularizing Tamil politics has meant Christian lobby controlling Tamil Hindus.

D B S Jeyraj highlight the modus operandi behind using the ‘traitor’ garland story which was used by Prabakaran against anyone opposing LTTE. LTTE & Prabakaran are no more but the ‘traitor’ garland continues as a character assassination.

The board calls Sumanthiran a ‘traitor’ – traitor to whom? Who is calling whom a traitor and why is Sumanthiran a traitor? Obviously this is the confusion enveloping not only Tamil society.

There is a rationale to Sumanthiran wanting to separate TNA from LTTE. The blood shredded past will forever remain with every mention of LTTE. But then, TNA was formed by LTTE, ITAK is a constituent member of TNA and all of them are co-joined by racism and the same theme keeps them together. Simply for propaganda claiming to want to separate LTTE is committing hara kiri.

Moreover, so long as Tamils think that LTTE and Eelam is there airline ticket to live in Western countries, Sumanthiran will forever be regarded as a ‘traitor’ to that quest. Which is why Sumanthiran has had to backtrack and praise LTTE and Prabakaran for sheer political survival.

Sambanthan’s days are now numbered. ITAK was a Christian-created feigned nationalism experiment. Will TNA be baptized by Sumanthiran on behalf of the West, if so what is the role for Hindus in TNA and Hindu nationalism which links to India.

India is already realizing the dangers of allowing the NGO-faith lobby to roost in South India. India will have to come to terms with India being roasted and on its way to balkanization if this lobby is allowed to prevail in Sri Lanka & South India. By weakening Sri Lanka’s Central Government with incessant interfering, India has let its only slip down and allowed its turf to be intruded. India claiming to be concerned about its security, has, by helping LTTE lobby to weaken Sri Lanka, weakened itself.

If India wants to secure its turf, India must stop weakening Sri Lanka and instead ensure that the Tamil political elements don’t get baptized or adopted by elements that are earmarking time to balkanize India.


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