Reponse to Kate Cronin-Furman’s article: “Are Sri Lankan Officers ordering soldiers to sexually assault Tamil detainees?”

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Dear Editor:


The article that you published by Kate Cronin-Furman, Are Sri Lankan officers ordering soldiers to sexually assault Tamil detainees?’ nudged me to come out of retirement temporarily on the Sri Lanka-Tamil ‘Eelam’ refugees file. I have been active on this file from August 1983 until August 2013. Active mainly to breakdown the vile attacks on the Sri Lankan soldiers by Tamils who are still smarting at them for annihilating their Tamil Tiger terrorists on 19 May 2009, after a 27-year blooding war. The Tamil Tiger terrorists fought to give the 12.6% Tamils their much desired mono-ethnic separatist racist state, Eelam, carved out of 33% of that beautiful island’s territory bordered by 66% of the coastline. Dream on, I say! And still expect the 54% of the Tamil community presently living in the South happily to continue to live in harmony among the majority Sinhalese population.   These Tamil-Eelamists don’t ask much, do they?


I thought that this story that I encountered in the summer of 1987 should be recorded and told to clip the present Tsunami of tarring the Sri Lankan soldiers whom I consider ‘human rights angels’ for giving back the 22 million Sri Lankans which includes the Tamil community, their right-to-life, which was hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 years. These soldiers also saved the lives of 295,873 Tamil civilians by the end of the Tamil separatist war, who were herded for 30 months from the west coast to the east coast like starving unwashed cattle under the scorching Jaffna-Kiliniochchi sun as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers. The Tamil expatriates seem to forget this angelic-act by the Sri Lankan soldiers. And into the mix, the unarmed majority Sinhalese and minority Muslim peoples were ethnically cleansed from the North and East of the island, having terrorized and killed with bombs, bullets, claymore mines, machetes and suicide bombs by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27 warring years, aided and abetted by foreign countries like India, UK, US, Canada, Norway and many others.


The second para of the article Kate Cronin-Furman says “But it’s not just the brutality of the assaults that stands out; it’s their routine nature. Because unsettling, these allegations are not anomalous. In 2016, the British organization Freedom from Torture reported that 71 percent of the predominantly male Tamil clients said they had been raped or endured other sexual torture. Given the stigma that conservative Tamil culture attaches rape, male victims have a strong incentive to remain silent about such crimes. The actual incidence is likely to be even higher than the reported rate.” I say, that’s a plane load of poppycock!


You know what Editor, such news as reported by Kate Cronin-Furman always break at an inconvenient time for Sri Lanka, when it is up for its Universal Periodic Review at the U.N., Human Rights Council Sessions. This has happened always, always, always.   Don’t you ever be surprised if the Tamils come with their next explosive report at an inconvenient time for Sri Lanka, when they will say that the Sri Lankan soldiers tied elderly Tamil mothers and gang raped them behind barbed wired fences under indigo starless night skies. Would you want to place a wager on it I know these lying scammers like the life-lines on my palms. And that is how the cookie crumbles.


And now here’s my story which always has had a Tamilian pattern of cunning, exaggerated and distorted lies. In 1986 the Sri Lankan Government appointed the retired Army Commander, General Tissa ‘Bull’ Weeratunga as the High Commissioner to Canada. Earlier he was the Commander of Security Forces in Jaffna from July 13, 1979 to December 31, 1979, which was the den of Kalashnikov carrying Tamil Tigers with festoons of live bullets around their necks.


The expatriate Tamils in Canada, mainly Convention refugees who have the habit of holidaying back home during the winter months, led by a Tamil Roman Catholic priest were ready to pounce on him when he arrived accusing him as a Tamil detainee torturer.   This Tamil Roman Catholic priest hid his separatist views well under a black pious religious cloak and a white collar starched towards heaven, and every gullible journalist and Canadian politician believed this pious looking foxy man of God. It so happened that I was introduced to him at a dinner party and within 45 minutes I told this priest, “Philip, you are a fraud cloaked in black and I don’t believe you even for a finger snapping moment.” The party filled with Roman Catholics looked stunned by this Sinhalese Buddhist’s slander. I didn’t regret it as I knew I was right. I debated this priest on a morning television Talk Show on his Tamil separatist movement, sullying the Sri Lankan Government. The viewers got to know the other side of the coin on this Sri Lankan Tamil refugee scam. I relished this opportunity to explain my side of the story. Canadians who viewed it loved it. “Keep going, let us hear more,” they said. “We want the facts!”


The print and audio-visual media hounded the new High Commissioner for days and months and one Sunday in 1987 I was tipped off that a senior journalist and a News anchor at CBC was flying in a Tamil refugee from Paris, who was known as ‘Baby Para’ whose name very likely was Pararajasekaram to be interviewed who apparently was a victim of torture by the Sri Lankan Army. He was brought to prove that the High Commissioner, as an Army General had supervised him being tortured during his days as Army Commander of Jaffna. Baby Para showed a mark of a perfect ring on his ankle, which he said was from being hanged from his foot when being tortured


One would have expected a downward torque of the rope around his ankle due to Baby Para’s body weight and that is Grade 5 common sense. But this mark was a wedding-ring perfect circle around his ankle.


Hmmmm! So, the mark of this perfect ring on Baby Para’s ankle was suspect. Was it a Hindu penance mark on his way to Kataragama Religious Festival in the South of Sri Lanka to pay a vow for a God to get rid of bad karma, to reach a higher state in life, as they would pierce the tongue and cheeks with needles and piercing the skin of their backs with silver hooks to pull the chariot carrying Murti of Murugan. The westerners wouldn’t know this.   Hmmmm…or was it a permanent bracelet tattooed on the ankle rather than having a leather or a silver ankle bracelet. These are Oooooo……Ahhhhhh… O…No… gruesome events and naive journalists and politicians swallow these packaged ‘O My God did the military really do it to you’ stories begging for western bleeding-heart sympathy. Come on let’s not be so naive, let’s be real.


These High Commissioner Tissa ‘Bull’ Weeratunga hating Canadian-Tamils were having a Press Conference with Baby Para in attendance, at 10 on a Monday morning in a room at the Holiday Inn on Kent Street. I was the only Sinhalese at the Press Conference and the room was packed with television cameras, journalists with boom-mics and members of the Tamil community. No sooner I entered the room, Fr. Philip, the Roman Catholic priest who was dressed in a black suit and a white collar starched towards heaven and chairing the Press Conference objected to my presence and wanted to throw me out of the room. The camera’s started to roll as there was a confrontation. Then a senior Tamil Public Servant, a sympathizer of Eelam entered the room and seeing the commotion told the Chairman, that I could stay. He stood me against the wall and two burly Tamils stood on either side sandwiching me, and told me in stern voices that I shouldn’t interrupt the Press Conference.


After about 40 minutes I walked out of the room in disgust for the very reason that,

when a journalist asked Baby Para a two line question in English which was translated for Baby Para in three Tamil sentences, and Baby Para responds to it in about six Tamil sentences, These six Tamil sentences of Baby Para were translated in about 20 English sentences. They were a well rehearsed concocted torturing story that these Tamils wanted the media to hear. I was able to thread these translated sentences together and was able to decipher what these Tamils were up to. I couldn’t stomach this vicious Tamil blarney which was trying to tarnish the good name of Sri Lanka and her heroic soldiers and I left the room. I was in no mood to accept these smelly garamma-sala varnished-crap.


After Baby Para’s Press Conference in Ottawa, the Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show travelled 450 miles to Toronto for their second Press Conference to prove that Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner, the retired Army Commander, General Tissa ‘Bull’ Weeratunga was a Tamil detainee military torturer.


That afternoon I got a call at work from a senior Journalist from the Canadian Press Bureau asking me whether he could meet me for lunch the following day at the Japanese Village on Kent Street which was close to my workplace at 200 Kent Street. He told me that the Deputy Bureau Chief of the Canadian Press had asked him to meet with me to get some facts on High Commissioner Weeratunga who has been hounded as a torturer of Tamil detainees, as I was “honest and very reliable”.


So we met for lunch at noon the following day at the Japanese Village. He had attended the Baby Para Press Conference and had noted my presence and the commotion too. During our discussion I asked him, “Did you not see it strange that when Baby Para responded to one of your journalists two sentence question in English, his response in Tamil was in six sentences, and that the English translation of those six Tamil sentences took 20 to 25 sentences. It happened all the time. What was your take on it as I was disgusted?”

His response was, “Funny that you brought it up Asoka, we sent our most senior journalist to Toronto to cover the Baby Para’s Press Conference. He phoned us from Toronto to say to forget this story as he had come to know that the Tamil translator did not speak a word of Tamil.”


After all the Baby Para’s accusatory story about High Commissioner General Tissa ‘Bull’ Weeratunga, if my memory is not betraying me, the Press Conference did not pick up ink in the following morning’s newspapers nor did CBC carry a news clip about the High Commissioner as a torturer.   The Canadian Tamil Eelamists expected fireworks with their well orchestrated storyline with rehearsed English translations of Baby Para’s simple Tamil responses.


So the Tamil separatist frauds who orchestrated this Baby Para’s Sri Lankan Military Torture Travelling Show were exposed as a bunch of liars as this was supposed to be a hot-hot firecracker in their foolproof fireworks to pin the High Commissioner Tissa ‘Bullk Weeratunga, was a Dud that went off with a “pooff!”, and so did the Roman Catholic priest who chaired these Press Conferences. No doubt his starched white collar pointing towards heaven might have turned limp tarnished cursed by an unGodly sinners-shame. I called him a fraud at that dinner party and I was right. He just couldn’t fool me.


The exercise of these Baby Para Press Conferences was to target High Commissioner General Tissa ‘Bull’ Weeratunga who had worn Khaki fatigues once upon a time as the Army Commander in Jaffna to get him declared as a persona-non-grata by the Canadian Government. It never happened and the late General Tissa “Bull’ Weeratunga who left us in November, 2003, must have been turning in his grave howling with laughter.


Editor, if you are so inclined to verify the veracity of the players in my story – The Hot Dud Firecracker that went ‘Pooff’ in the Tamil Tiger Blarney Fireworks Gong Show, I will be ever so glad to provide you the names of the Senior Journalist of CBC, the Deputy Bureau Chief of the Canadian Press, who I think is somewhere in British Columbia and the Senior Reporter of Canadian Press who interviewed me is, I believe, somewhere in Nova Scotia.


Well, Editor, Kate Cronin-Furman should be judicious in future as she is dealing with Tamilian frauds who would do anything to get accepted by a western country as Convention refugees. I suggest that she ought to go on a trip to Kataragama in south of Sri Lanka during the Hindu religious festivals.   She will see and be amazed how the Tamils undergo gruesome self-torture doing penance. They are maestros at it and it is no big deal for them. to undergo self-torture to accomplish what they want. So let us not be bleeding-hearts and be suckers to their fraudulent ploys and say, ‘The military tortured Tamils who want to land on soils of western countries, bypassing their Motherland, India’s Tamil Nadu which is just 18 saltwater miles away, let us have them. Enough is enough of this varnished-crap which has no value for you to let these stories pick up ink in your worthy newspaper. The final choice is yours, Sir.




Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr)


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