Ranil’s Gestapo Police Exposed In Supreme Court

President’s Counsel, Romesh de Silva’s brilliant analysis of the politically manipulated Police unit investigating financial crimes confirms that the “My-3 regime” has created an illegal arm of the Police to pervert justice. His submission to the Supreme Court, has unerringly alerted the public to the Gestapo role of the Financial Crimes Investigation Department (FCID) – the newly established Police arm of the National Executive Council (NEC) which blindly follows the orders issued by the Prime Minister without any checks to restrain his arbitrary and politically motivated decisions taken against his opponents. Counsel Romesh de Silva’s meticulous description of the FCID debunks the inflated claims on which Yahapalanaya was marketed to the people on January 8th , 2015. His revelations blasts the political myths of the Yahapalanaya (good governance).

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