LETTER TO JUSTIN TRUDEAU- Canadian Prime minister

19 May 2017

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street Ottawa, K1A  0A2


ATTENTION: Kate Purchase, Director of Communications – Kindly brief the PM on this letter of utmost concern to many non-Tamil Sri Lankan-Canadians

Dear Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau:

Today, 19th May of 2017, is the day that all of  Sri Lanka should be celebrating for  winning the 30-year long Tamil Tiger terrorist war, almost single handed.

These were the Made in Indira Gandhi’s India’s,  Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam  (LTTE) aka Tamil Tigers, who haemorrhaged that democratic island nation for 30 blooding years, which was aided and abetted  among other western countries, Canada.  You knew it, didn’t you?  If you didn’t, then you know it now.

These were the Tamil Tiger terrorists who perfected the art of suicide bombing having perfected the suicide body pack, and detonated 388 human bombs killing not only the targeted victim but also many scores of innocent unarmed  people who happened to be close to the targeted victim.  It was a Tamil Tiger  suicide bomber, a young Tamil woman who assassinated the former India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi  by detonating a body pack while garlanding him during  a husting  near Chennai.  So did they get Sri Lanka’s President Ranasinghe Premadasa during the May Day rally  in Colombo in 1993.  And, of course, several Cabinet Ministers and politicians who did not toe their line of ‘Tamil separation’.

You know what Prime Minister Trudeau, it were your Liberals under Prime Ministers Jean Chretien  and Paul Martin  that the Tamil Diaspora collected two million dollars a month for 13 long years, while you all looked aside, to stuff the Tamil Tiger war- chest to purchase  sophisticated war weapons to fight their separatist Eelam war and kill thousands of innocent unarmed people for  the want of their mono-ethnic, racist, separate Tamil State Eelam in the North and East of that  beautiful island with beautiful people that your Dad, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau loved.

It were your Liberal ‘backbencher’ MPs lead by two Cabinet Ministers, Paul Martin (Finance) and Maria Minna (CIDA) who patronized a $60-a-plate Tamil Tiger Fund Raising Dinner in Toronto on 6 May 2000, is proof that your Liberal  Party supported the Tamil Tiger terrorist movement in Sri Lanka.  The Chief Guest of Honour of the Tamil Tiger fund raiser was none other than a Cabinet Minister of the Liberal Government, Paul Martin.  If you did not know it, you know it now.

On 4 February 2009, when the Tamil Tigers  were running for cover, gasping for breath on the road to the Nandikadal Lagoon in Mullaitivu to gasp their last breath before their annihilation ( they were militarily defeated on 18 May

2009), the Canadian parliament had an Emergency Meeting in its Parliamentary Chambers called by NDP’s Jack Layton, trying to save the Tamil Tigers, with the Gallery sardine-packed with the  Tamil Tiger separatist supporters from Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.  At this Tamil Tiger Blarney Gong Show several of your  Tamil Tiger supporting MPs spoke.  But the most disingenuous, lying lot were the  LIBERAL TERRIBLE  LYING 6 – Jim Karygiannis, Judy Sgro, Maria Minna,  Robert Oliphant, Albina Guarnieri and Derek Lee, who charged Sri Lanka with “Genocide” of the Tamils.

You know what Prime Minister Trudeau, as my Crystal Ball had  predicted 103 days later your Liberal Terrible Lying 6, found themselves uncomfortable in twisted knickers and underpants, having had their ‘Genocide’ charge boomerang at them with the howling whistle crying out “You 6 bloody Liars.”  They couldn’t figure out  how these Sri Lankan ‘Genocide Wallas’ had the most generous hearts ready  to face death at the hands of the Kalashnikov trigger happy Tamil Tigers, for saving 295,873 Tamils  from their clutches who were used by the Tamil Tigers as human shields for 30 months herding them along from the West coast to the East coast under the Jaffna’s scorching sun like unwashed cattle to their death. It would have been easy to be brutal  and disregard the right-to-life of these 295,873 Tamil refugees and let them starve to death.  But that didn’t happen.

Not only that Prime Minister Trudeau, these Tamil refugees who were housed in special camps were provided  with a million hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners each day, cooked and prepared by the majority Sinhalese that the Tamils let you believe who had discriminated and persecute them.. No Liberal from your caucus still do not have the will to admit that textbook example of a superior humanitarian act by the majority Sinhalese who wanted to guard the 295,873 Tamil refugees and sustain their lives by feeding them and so they cooked and prepared their million meals a day. This amazing act proved that your Liberals were a bunch of liars who charged Sri Lanka with Tamil  “genocide”.  That was a load of codswallop!.  If you didn’t know it, Prime Minister, then you know it now.

Now I understand your mindset, and where you are coming from, why you said what you said, in the Statement by Prime Minister on the Eighth Anniversary of the End of the War in Sri Lanka.   It was skewed, pompous, arrogant and unfair towards non-Tamil Sri Lankans and their Government when you extend your deepest sympathy and support to Canadians of Tamil descent.

I take umbrage to what you said.  Just a reminder that I am a Sinhalese-Canadian who has lived in Canada since 1968, since  three years before you were born,  and contributed immensely to promote the Canadian cultures, especially of the indigenous peoples in the North, the Peoples of the First Nations, through the National Museums by placing my stamp in the Inuit, People of the Longhouse (Iroquois), The Buffalo Hunters (The Plains Indians) and Children of the Raven (Haida and other west coast indigenous cultures Exhibition Halls), and most importantly, I TOO HAVE A VOTE and once upon a time, long, long time ago I too voted for the Liberals during your Dad’s (Pierre Trudeau) time as the Prime Minister of Canada.

You said, “I reiterate my call to the Government of Sri Lanka to ensure that a process of accountability is established that will have the trust and confidence of the victims of the war.  To this end, Sri Lanka should fulfil its international commitments by ensuring the involvement of Commonwealth and international investigators, prosecutors and judges.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that statement of yours should go into the Canadian political archives as “ a  Masterpiece of a Canadian Prime Minister’s bullying with a petence of a  White Colonial Master on puny Sri Lanka.”

Permit me to address the Prime Minister of Canada, Rt.Hon. Justin Trudeau, as a learning curve for you, Sir,  as you have overlooked the Fact that  the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation, and a sister member of the Commonwealth, just like Canada.

My Grade 5 Civic Lesson says that Sri Lanka has to act within the provisions of her national constitution  just like would Canada on the subject of accountability and cannot and should not accommodate  Commonwealth and International investigators, prosecutors and judges in her judicial system, just like Canada.  Not even as a knee-jerk reaction because the  Prime Minister of Canada wants Sri Lanka to do to satisfy the eyes and ears of his Liberal Party Tamil constituents, especially in the Greater Toronto Area.  That is indeed the rub, Prime Minister Trudeau. This is sound constitutional criteria and advice.

In case you are not familiar,  Sri Lanka’s judiciary has the capacity to review matters of accountability in respect of any violation of human rights or international humanitarian laws or commission of war crimes if any, in the Tamil separatist war that ended on May 19, 2009, in which one party in conflict, the Tamil Tigers were aided and abetted by foreign nations like India, Norway, Canada and several others.

Just a few comments for you to ponder before you make more misguided comments on Sri Lanka and its war with the separatist Tamil Tiger terrorists, the most ruthless in the world according  to the UN.

  1. When the Tamils want to live by the gun, there ought to be  no cry of “Foul” when they die by the gun;
  2. This war was between two factions, the Tamils who have been fighting for their mono-ethnic, separate, racist Tamil state Eelam, and the Sri Lankan armed forces who were trained to safeguard Sri Lanka’s sovereign territory from foreign invaders and, terrorists who were homemade or trained by a foreign country to destabilize Sri Lanka, the democratic island nation;
  3. In this war 26,000 members of the Sri Lanka’s Security Forces were killed defending Sri Lanka, from the separatist Tamil Tigers who were funded surreptitiously by Canada;
  4. If violations of Human Rights in this war is a concern of Canada, be sure that you keep this fact in your memory bank. Eliminating the Tamil Tiger terrorists on 19 May 2009, gave back the most sacred and  paramount human right of a person, the right-to-life to 21 million people in Sri Lanka which had been hijacked for 30 years by the ruthless terrorists, the Tamil Tigers;
  5. Canada ought not to forget that when the WAR MEASURES ACT, with Draconian powers were invoked by your Dad, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau on 16 October 1970, to stop the FLQs separatist movement, Canada had to deal with the FLQ’s armoury of a grand total of 33 firearms, and 21 other offensive weapons including 3 smoke grenades, 9 hand knives and 1 sabre compared to the Tamil Tiger terrorists conventional army trained by India in 33 army camps in South India and at the foothills of the Himalayas, that the Sri Lankan forces had to deal with.  The Tamil Tigers  had an armoury of thousands of M-16s, AK-47s, rocket launches, millions of landmines, hand grenades, SAMs and millions of rifle shells and an army of young female  Black Tiger suicide bombers;  11 shiploads of armoury sneaked in at night off  the Mullaitivu eastern shores in fast moving fiberglass boats from the Mother Armoury ships anchored in international waters during the Ceasefire period of February 22, 2002 and 2 January 2008; the Sea-Tigers and Air Tigers, an air force with 5 Czech-built ZLIN Z 143s for night bombing.  It was no cake walk to deal with such a formidable well trained and well funded terrorist group, and now to be harassed and bullied by western countries like Canada for having won this terrorist war, almost single handed;
  6. If the numbers killed during this war bothers you, Sri Lanka has every right to apply strictly the mighty Americans formula and tell you “it was collateral damage,” as Sri Lanka had no way to find out like in a Dummies Manual – How to go to War and win without killing anyone;
  7. And did you ever wonder why National Post’s Stewart Bell quite rightly say in his book Cold Terror“Perhaps, Canada is in effect the LTTEs state sponsor, and the Sri Lanka conflict is Canada’s dirty little war.”

Having established the above facts  about the Tamil Tigers separatist war, we all know that your statement was all about seeking the Tamil votes, especially in the Greater Toronto Area.  And perhaps it is not asking too much from you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to be an honest human being to be more impartial in your stance and policies towards Sri Lanka.  It were not only the Tamil who died in this unnecessary cruel war, the Sinhalese and Muslims were massacred  in the thousands by the Tamil Tigers, And  all who died from both camps were the sons and daughters of the same God, that I think you believe iin and just not the Tamils.


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Cc. Hon. Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety

Hon. Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon. Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Yasmin Ratansi, MP for Don Valley East

Chandra Arya, MP for Nepean


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