Jason Kenney: TNN reports on his round table meeting in Markham

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6 February 2013

Hon. Jason Kenney, P.C., MP
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Minister:

I just finished reading the TNN (Tamil News Network) news item – Canadian minister fails to address genocide, annihilation of Tamil territory.

Whoever these Tamils are who operate this TNN starts this news item with two brazen lies. It is obvious that these Tamil reporters were at the ‘Tamil Only’ media Round Table meeting in Markham which was addressed by you.

I wasn’t there as I am from the Sinhalese community and we were barred from that meeting, or else I would have been able to make a clinical analysis of this TNN news item.  So much for the much touted Canadian Multiculturalism of which you are the responsible Minister.

1.      These TNN Tamils had expected you to “address genocide”.  I am bamboozled, and I am humbugged by such a statement;   and you have been abused by such mockery of the truth by these Tamils. You have been taradiddled  by these  Ragavan-Tamils with whom you have started to flirt for the want of their votes. And you have been reduced by these Tamils to be a fool and gullible to swallow hook line and sinker their cock and bull stories.

Perhaps, the next time they ask why you did not “address genocide” while in Sri Lanka, the following would be a legitimate answer.

“I did not “address genocide” as I do not think there was genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.  If there had been, then I cannot reconcile it with the fact that the Government soldiers sacrificed 7000 of their colleagues to liberate and save 295,873 Tamils who were used as a human shield by the Tamil Tigers for 30 months, when the soldiers could have let them die from starvation and from a hail of bullets shot at them by the Tamil Tigers when they wanted to escape from their clutches;

I did not  “address genocide” of the Tamils in Sri Lanka because I couldn’t reconcile the humanitarian gesture by the Sri Lankan Government who prepared a million meals a day to feed these 295,873 liberated Tamils, three hearty meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not let them starve to death.  Nor did they feed the  295,873 liberated Tamils with a slice of  mouldy-stale bread and a cup of water for breakfast, lunch and dinner,  and watch their haunting slow deaths;

 I did not “address genocide” of the Tamils in Sri Lanka because this incident would not support your accusation of “genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka”.  When the government had a mass wedding of 53 couples in June, 2010, all surrendered Tamil Tigers who had fallen in love while fighting the Government soldiers, and given them a life as husband and wife and to live happily ever after.

 The wedding function had been under a canopy where a Catholic priest from the Diocese of Mannar, backed up by a youth carrying a crucifix moved along with a prayer book in the beautiful Tamil script.  The Government officials had dressed the women in colourful saris and the men in immaculate cream shirts, sarongs and sashes and garlanded them with flowers.  This is not genocide is it?  And further the Government’s wedding gifts especially kept out I am told, condoms and birth control pills, as they wanted them to go and make babies to replenish the generation of Tamil child soldiers who were killed fighting an adult Eelam war along the front line.  These gestures, I don’t believe for one moment is part of a ‘genocidal’ campaign against Tamils. Far from it.

And that is why I did not address the allegations of “genocide” where there had been none.”

2.      Coming to the second charge against you by the TNN, that you “failed to address annihilation of Tamil territory.”

Minister you may wish to tell these TNN journalists if this issue crops up again,

“I am not in a position to support your concern as I don’t think there was a Tamil territory in Sri Lanka in the first place.  If you are speaking of the North of Sri Lanka where over 95% of the population are Tamils, which had come about by ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese and Muslims by the Tamil Tigers in the 70s, 80s and 90s, that does not validate  you to claim that the North is a Tamil territory.  Between 1971 and 1981, the Tamil Tigers kicked out 27,000 Sinhalese who had lived in the North for generations by terrorizing and killings, and on 27 October 1990, 100,000 Muslims were given 24 hours to get out of the North leaving all the gold and valuables at the nearest mosque and LTTE office, which made Idi Amin look like an angel, as he gave three months for the Ugandan -Indian population to get out of Uganda.  This eviction of Muslims in the North was preceded my massacres of Muslims in the East. And this is the ground reality which I have accepted.

“I believe that you need an ethno-geography lesson and I will send you a map of the Indian sub- continent where 61 million of your Tamil brethren live in Tamil Nadu, in the South of India, which happens to be your Tamil territory that you are talking of which is separated by 24 miles of salt water from the northern tip of the Jaffna peninsular to the southern tip of India.  I have no compunction to challenge the sovereignty of the democratic nation, Sri Lanka.”

Minister and that should do it and shut up the Ragavan-Tamils spewing their brazen lies and trying to lasso you in to defend their separatist cause. 

3.     Minister Kenney, the preamble of that news item in TNN in bold letters say: “…Mr. Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, who recently visited Colombo, was speaking on failure of Sri Lanka in addressing reconciliation, war-crimes accountability, general failure in protecting human rights and rules of law.  He also mentioned excessive militarization of the North and East….”

Really Mr. Minister, come again! Tell me, did you really say all that?  I wasn’t there as I am a Sinhalese and I was barred in getting in to the Round-Table conference room, to I don’t know all these facts.  And if I had been there I would have challenged you for being such a blatant neo-colonial Whiteman.

If you really did, then tell me, honestly Minister, did these Markham and Scarborough Tamils dupe you by gifting you with a set of Eelam blinkers which said, Made in Tamil- Markham-Eelam, and you wore them through out your visit to Colombo.  Well…that could be it and you were metamorphosed into being a cunning fox with Tamil-Markham-Eelam Blinkers on.

All what you said at that round-table briefing session troubles me immensely as you seem to have a two-tongued cunning streak.

“Failure of Sri Lanka in addressing reconciliation”, you said.  Minister, that statement is not worth two gooey blobs of Alberta tar-sands.  You go to Sri Lanka for a day, didn’t care to stay an extra day to go up North and speak to the local Tamils and witness the progress of the Sri Lankan Government’s miraculous efforts in reconciliation,  and such you do not have the moral right to tell the Sri Lankans that “We are Holier than Thou.”  That is a bit off, isn’t it Minister?  Stop being so presumptuous and pompous, for God’s sake.    There is much happening, much has happened and there will be much more happening towards reconciliation. If the Tamil Diaspora are grumpy, that is because they do not know what is happening, like your parliamentary colleague for Scarborough Rouge-River, who hasn’t stepped onto the soils of Sri Lanka since she left when she was 5-years old and talk of “discrimination” in parliament.  She wouldn’t understand the word “D-I-S-C-R-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N even if it is dropped onto her lap from heaven.  Phew! What a joker.

“…war-crimes accountability….” You spewed out. You are obviously not a believer of the Cosmic Law of ‘Cause and Effect’, are you?  But I do.  If you had accepted the parameters of this cosmic law Minister during your discussions in Sri Lanka, you would have gathered diplomatic heat, as the first foreign governments who would have had to answer war –crimes accountability in Sri Lanka’s Eelam war would have been the meddling India,  the meddling Canada and the meddling Norway, before you would go after the Sri Lankan Government seeking their accountability on alleged war-crimes.

Minister, didn’t you know that you didn’t go to Sri Lanka with two clean palms as both had, as would the 34 million Canadians, a film of  Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Muslim blood spilled by the Tamil Tiger killings using explosives and weapons bought out of Canadian dollars?

‘How come’, you may ask?  Because for 13 long Liberal Party governing years of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, Canada let the Tamil Diaspora collect and stuff two million dollars a month into the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy sophisticated killer war weapons to kill  thousands of my innocent people.  Because Canada let the Canadian Diaspora provide one-third of the annual Tamil Tiger war budget, and the Canadian Government aiding it looked the other away.  So Minister, let Canada show its accountability for aiding and abetting the Sri Lanka’s war-crimes you are talking of, before you ask Sri Lanka to show theirs.  Shish… come on Minister, surely you have some honesty built into your spine and bones, don’t you?

Minister, here is one more reason to call meddling Canada to show cause of accountability for aiding and abetting  war-crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka’s Eelam war.

During the Eelam war the most deadly Tamil Tiger terrorist transaction involved the purchase of explosives from the Ukraine.  First a Sri Lankan Tamil in Britain set up the Euro-Ukraine Consultancy Agency with offices in Kiev and London.  This company then negotiated with a state-owned Ukraine company Rubezone Chemical Factory.  A cheque for 7.5 million Canadian dollars was cut from a Canadian Bank in Vancouver from an account of a Tamil to buy 10 tons of hexagon a plastic explosive like Semtex; 50 tons of trionitrotoluol (TNT) and a large quantity of electric timing caps and detonator cord.  The deal included 345 tons of cement and a single seat sports plane which was dismantled before shipping.

These explosives bought with Canadian dollars were used in a truck bomb to bring down the Central Bank Building on 31 January 1996, in the Fort in Colombo, which killed 114 and maimed for life another 1338 civilians.  The same explosives were used to destroy the façade of the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, on 25 January 1998, killing 12 and injuring 13 others. As a result of these two bombings you and I now have a film of Sinhalese and Muslim blood on our palms Minister.

You may want to slice your Canadian cake of “Honestly, We are Holier than Thou” any which way, but Canada has no choice but to show cause of accountability on these two war-crimes.  Canada has no way out before you go after a pound of flesh of the Sri Lanka Government on the alleged war-crimes.

“Why should India show cause for accountability of the alleged war-crimes in Sri Lanka for aiding and abetting the Tamil Tiger terrorists Eelam war that terrorized, ethnic cleansed and killed innocent Sinhalese and Muslim civilians?” you may ask Minister.

That is easy to answer, as easy as a child splurging on a cone of vanilla ice cream.   India, the nasty dinosaurian neighbour of Sri Lanka, just 24 salt-water miles away from shore to shore, applied her Indira Gandhi-Monroe Doctrine in the 1980s,  in an attempt to maintain Indian hegemony, if necessary by use of force, as it would with Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.  

So she took thousands of bare and sandal footed Tamil guerilla’s  who were fighting the Sri Lankan soldiers to establish their mono-ethnic, racists Tamil state, Eelam, and gave them military training in India to graduate as ruthless terrorists.

From August 1983 to May 1987, India through its intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) provided arms, training and monetary support to six Sri Lankan Tamil guerrilla groups which included the Tamil Tigers.  During that period there were 32 military camps set up all over India to train these guerillas.  Initially 495 Tamil Tiger guerillas including 90 women were trained in 10 batches.  The first batch of Tamil Tigers ware trained in Establishment 22 based in Chakrata, Uttarakhand.

The second batch including Tamil Tiger Intelligence Chief Pottu Amman was trained in Himachal Pradesh.  The Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran himself visited these two batches being trained in India.  Tamil Nadu trained eight other batches of Tamil Tigers.  Ironically, Thenmozhi Rajaratnam alias Dhanu, who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi as the suicide bomber, and her key conspirator were trained by RAW in Nainital, India.

After graduating these Tamils as terrorists by Indira Gandhi’s India,  they were sent back to Northern Sri Lanka in military fatigues, cradling Kalashnikovs like babies, and with festoons of live bullets around their necks, to destabilize Sri Lanka with killings and bombings of anyone who crossed their path wanting to stop their Eelam cause.

So Minister, let’s get this right. Give me one good reason, not two, not three, why India should be exempted from showing accountability for aiding and abetting the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger terrorist war.  Get this fact  right first before you go after a pound of flesh of Sri Lanka that is trying to recover, and is recovering well, “Thank you very much”, from the ashes of a 27 year old bloody war.

And now, “Why should Norway show cause of being an aider and abettor of this Eelam Tamil Tiger terrorist war,”  you may ask, Minister.  All what I can tell you is, “I am glad that you asked.”

These Norwegians are the salmon eating, cunning Vikings who helped the Tamil Tigers to continue with the war for 27 years as did Canada.  The following are the war crimes that Norway committed in aiding and abetting the Eelam war that killed scores of thousands of innocent Sinhalese and Muslim peoples, that needs to show accountability before you go after a pound of flesh of Sri Lanka.  That is the natural Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect.

1.       While the Tamil Tigers were banned in the US, Canada, India, Malaysia and 25 EU countries as a terrorist organization, Norway kept providing this ruthless terrorist outfit oxygen to survive,  insisting that it is not a “terrorist” group. Why?;

2.       Norway supported the Tamil Tigers financially and with equipment and made every effort to make this ruthless terrorist outfit a “legitimate” negotiating partner with the democratically elected, legitimate Government of Sri Lanka. Why?

3.      Norway participated in smuggling high-tech communication equipment to the Tamil Tigers in 2002, including V-Sat equipment used in satellite communication. Why?

4.      General Trygve Tellesfsen, who was leading the Scandinavian Monitoring Mission in Sri Lanka leaked information about Sri Lanka’s navy’s pursuit of a Tamil Tiger arms smuggling ship to the Tamil Tigers allowing the ship to escape. Why?

5.      Norway invited the Tamil Tigers to Norwegian military camps to see Norwegian military demonstrations of their skilled equipment. Why?

6.      Norwegian Ambassador Jon Westborg and Duleep from the Tamil Tigers in a wiretap revealed the Ambassador giving information about the communication equipment they were gifting the Tamil Tigers and information that the Norwegian Government will pay the added costs.  Why?

7.      Another wire tap revealed that a conversation between General Trond Furuhovde and Tamil Tiger political leader Puleedevan, that sensitive information was given to him by the General coaching Puleedevan to place the blame on the latest terrorist attack to a “third party” in stolen uniforms.  The General also stated “I’m using all their resources to calm down the Sinhalese part of the population. Why?

8.      The Norwegian Government through NORAD, a Norwegian Agency, funded the Tamil Tiger front organization the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) to the value of 15 million Norwegian kronor, and the monies were paid through the Norwegian Foreign Office. Why?

9.      Norwegian Minister of International Development Eric Solheim gave 16 million Norwegian kronor to Anton Balasingham, the Tamil Tiger political advisor, who was the author of the Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) immediately after signing it in Oslo.  Karuna was an eye witness.  Why?

10.  Norwegian ex-Special Forces personnel have been used to train Sea Tigers to attack Sri Lanka’s Navy, using Thailand’s Andaman coast. Why?

Minister, this is just 10 reasons why Norway should be asked to show cause of being accountable for the alleged War Crimes in Sri Lanka for aiding and abetting the Tamil Tiger war, before you go after a pound of flesh of Sri Lanka.

Failing to do so, covering the behinds of India, Canada and Norway, the three  selfish musketeers that prolonged that war which killed thousands of  my innocent people, and  you being a bully flexing your muscles at Sri Lanka, I won’t hesitate to call you Minister…Ba! Humbug.

4.      “He also mentioned excessive militarization of the North and East”, you had said according to TNN.  May I ask you Mr. Minister, who are you to dictate to Sri Lanka how to deploy their military within the island?

Come on Minister, you know better than that?  That Sri Lanka as a sovereign nation has the sole right (and not you or Canada for that matter) to decide on the security to be deployed in the North and East of that sovereign nation Sri Lanka.  And it should not be a concern of anyone else and that includes you, Minister.

Every Sri Lankan soldier, navy- and airman has the right to stand at attention and sing – “O! Sri Lanka, we shall stand on guard for thee”  at any nook and corner of that sovereign territory. And that is what they are trained and paid to do, like every Canadian military person would do for Canada.

Minister, if your reaction is because the Tamils of Markham and Scarborough used you  with the Eelam Blinkers, as their mouth piece as they were hiccupping because it were the same military that kicked the butts of their mythical separate State, Eelam leader  Prabhakaran and his ground, air and sea warriors, and finally wiped them out on 19 May 2009 to give back Sri Lanka’s 22 million peoples their Right-to-Life’ which was hijacked by these Tamil Tiger jokers for 27 bloody years, then ask them to go and get some TUMs which might  help stop their gaseous hiccupping.

And one more request to you Minister… if you find no reason to talk with us Sinhalese, at least watch the Australian Opposition’s Deputy Leader Julie Bishop’s press conference after she returned from Sri Lanka on UTube.  This is one International politician who won my respect as an honest politician,  who has political smarts to clinically analyze international affairs and ground situations, in particular of Sri Lanka, and I have doffed my hat to her not once but a dozen times.  Get the Australian Mission to send a clip of it in CD format for your information library on Sri Lanka.

And here is the Rub, Minister, that quite clearly tells us that we are now living through the Conservative’s cynical silly-season.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has come out clearly that he abhors “terrorism”, and that is why he severed Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran and that he is against the rising tide of Islamism in Africa spawning a new wave of terrorism…(let’s have a drum roll….da! daaa!!)…and now comes the cynical part of Conservative Canada on ‘terrorism’.

When Sri Lanka got rid of the most ruthless terrorists in the world, the Tamil Tigers…the terrorists who perfected the suicide body pack and perfected the art of suicide bombing and had stuck on their military caps 388 medallions of successful suicide bombings in Sri Lanka….the terrorists who assassinated two heads of state, Rajiv Gandhi of India and President Premadasa of Sri Lanka…the terrorists who had kidnapped and trained over 5,300 children to become front-line soldiers and suicide bomber assassins, Harper’s Canada is now going after Sri Lanka on war crimes associated during the last 5 months of  the 594 months war, where human rights violations by the Tamil Tigers were a daily affair.   This is the very little nation that got rid of the most ruthless terrorist outfit in the world, the Tamil Tigers, single handed.    Minister, aren’t we a bunch of cynics for the want of the Raghavan-Tamils votes in the Greater Toronto Area!

And now Prime Minister Harper is harping his wanting to boycott the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo if there is no improvement of human rights in Sri Lanka.  This Prime Minister is taking us through his silly season especially trying to teach Sri Lanka how to suck eggs the Canadian way, when his First Nations peoples are engaged in their ‘Idle No More’ demonstrations and protesting their human rights violations in Canada  at Prime Minister Harper’s very door step in Ottawa.

So, Minister, this is the State of Our Nation, when it comes to dealing with Sri Lanka, a nation which enjoyed an amazing friendship with Canada  many moons ago.  But not any more.  I certainly consider Canada the worst enemy of Sri Lanka this present time.    I am afraid, and that is how the cookie crumbles.

If Prime Minister does not want to attend the Colombo’s Commonwealth Summit as a Raghavan-Tamil vote grabber, then he should quit doing this silly song and dance, and just announce that he is boycotting the  Commonwealth Summit.    And Minister, I will bet my last dollar that on the morning of the Summit the sun will  still rise from the east as it has always done in Sri Lanka… the Sri Lankan song birds will sing the morning chorals as they would always do for visitors from abroad outside their hotel windows….and the elephants will make their trumpet calls welcoming the rest of the Commonwealth guests and they wouldn’t even notice that one dignitary was missing… and Kandyan drummers would beat their drums in fascinating rhythms welcoming the Commonwealth guests and not miss a beat because the Prime Minister of Canada isn‘t there.  So, Minister, for God’s sake ask Prime Minister to stay back if he so wishes to and make that announcement soon.

I don’t care and I  know many Sri Lankans in Canada and in Sri Lanka wouldn’t care two prairie straws or two dead capelin washed onto the shores of  Avalon’s Bellevue Beach in Newfoundland, if Prime Minister Stephen Harper attends the Commonwealth Summit or not.

So this happens to be my observation of your briefing Round Table session to the Tamil media in Markham of your visit to Sri Lanka as reported by the TNN (Tamil News Net).

The contents of my observations I hope will be of interest to you as I am sure you wouldn’t have known most of these facts.  And I sincerely hope that they will help you during your future deliberations on Sri Lanka.


Asoka Weerasinghe (C11255047)

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