India responsible for terrorism here

The Island editor’s response in setting the record straight regarding the Indian High Commission’s stubborn rejection that India armed the LTTE, should be applauded. The Indian political hierarchy was indeed involved heavily in arming the Sri Lankan separatist Tamils. RAW ‘s role in acting as ‘the managers’ of the armed terrorists of Sri Lanka is very well established in many a report written on the subject. According to records available India’s interests in the separatist movement commenced in 1970 when the Indian IB agents were replaced by the RAW operatives. After a preliminary survey and obtaining the Indian Government green light the training and arming of separatist terrorists were found to be one of the main activities of the RAW in Sri Lanka around 1983. The advanced training for the selected cadres were given at Chakrata, North of Dehera Dun, India’s top defence academy and in the Ramakrishna Puram in Delhi.



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