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Yahapalana as a puppet regime

By Kamalika Pieris   The Yahapalana government elected in 2015 is Sri Lanka’s very first puppet government. Analysts were quick to spot this. Lasanda Kurukulasuriya asked in 2015 ‘is Lanka being micro managed from afar.  In 2016, the media said, ‘Yahapalana is acting on a preplanned scenario.’  ‘Government is following...


Regime-changing the Regime change in Sri Lanka

By shenali Waduge Governments come & governments go – that is clear evidence of a vibrant democracy. People go for elections – they bring governments to power & they can bring down governments too. We have seen that happening too. But all this becomes a little complicated when groups of...


Sinhala Only In Retrospect

By Rohana R. Wasala The ‘Sinhala Only’ legislation of 1956 was immediately turned into a bogey by anti-majority propagandists to frighten off progressive political reforms aimed at redressing the historical injustices perpetrated against the nation by European occupations of the previous 450 years. But the dethronement of English by making...